What a bizarre weekend. What a bizarre play in the Red Sox game yesterday which allowed them to continue their five run rally and beat the Royals 5-3 in Kansas City. Bob Hohler looks at the Sox getting that big inning to lead them to victory. Michael Silverman says that the Sox are just glad to get this road trip over with. Steven Krasner looks at Derek Lowe finally getting some good luck in a start. David Heuschkel looks at Lowe’s ability yesterday to recover after another shaky beginning. Nick Cafardo compares the collision between Royals first baseman Ken Harvey and pitcher Jason Grimsley to the David Patten concussion play back in the Patriots ’01 season. He says the Sox were due for a break like this. Tony Massarotti looks at the crash which saved the Sox, and assures us that alcohol was not involved. Joe Haggerty has a look at how the Sox shuttle to and from Pawtucket has helped keep the Red Sox going strong this season. Massarotti also takes a look at the performance of Lowe, who was able to hang on to beat both the Royals and a recurring blister yesterday. Hohler’s notebook and Heuschkel’s notebook look at Mike Timlin getting some advice from his wife on his pitching, and it proving to be helpful. Krasner’s notebook says to expect Nomar to be at shortstop for the Red Sox tomorrow night. Silverman’s notebook looks at the end of the Pokey Reese era at shortstop for the Sox.

Shira Springer and Steve Bulpett look at the Pistons pulling off the game one shocker in the NBA Finals. Bulpett’s notebook look at the Celtics adding another assistant coach, and Springer’s notebook has Rick Fox remembering his time with the Celtics.

Kevin Paul Dupont says the winner of the Stanley Cup Finals game 7 won’t have a whole lot left in the tank. Steve Conroy says the winner might also be keeping the crown for quite some time.

Going back to an article yesterday for a moment, I’ve been a big fan of Michael Smith since he joined the paper. He’s been a breath of fresh air in many ways. However, I sense at times he’s falling into some of the same patterns and developing some of the same unhealthy relationships that some of his Globe brethren have been known to do. Yesterday’s NFL Notebook was seemingly a case in which not a whole lot of work was actually done. Once again, it’s Poston’s who figure prominently. Smith has been one of the few writers who are able to get consistent quotes from the duo, and in the past has shown himself to be on the side of Poston clients such as Ty Law and Lawyer Milloy.

The Poston’s dominated again this week, with the bit on Terrell Buckley, who is grateful that the Poston’s allowed him to work his own deal with the Patriots…wait a minute…who works for who here? Isn’t Buckley the boss? The rest of the article has quotes from Carl Poston on Ty Law, and then has plugs for a couple of other Poston clients in Reggie Williams and Kellen Winslow. It seems everyone else in the country has been hammering the Poston’s for mishandling clients and not reading contracts their clients sign, yet, Smith seems to have aligned himself with them, and is determined to give them positive press whenever possible.

It’s a lot of Smarty Bashing, Borges Teasing and ‘EEI Explaining in today’s
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I’ll have a mid-day posting today with a republishing of an article that I had in the Boston Metro on Friday.

ABC has Game Seven of the Stanley Cups Finals at 8:00. ESPN2 has Cardinals/Cubs at 8:00. NESN has PawSox/Louisville Bats at 7:00.