John Molori’s report from Monday that the Boston Dirt Dogs site would soon be hosted by has been confirmed. The New York Times company has put out a press release announcing the acquisition of the site, they also announced that Steve Silva will be joining starting June 7th as a sports producer. Congratulations to Silva for turning his “fan site” into a new career for himself.

That being said, (Thanks, Buckley) It will be interesting to observe what effect the new corporate affiliation will have on the Dirt Dogs website. After all the NY Times and Boston Globe are part owners of the Red Sox. Will the site continue to hit hard when stars struggle? Will Silva’s ability to get scoops to his site quickly improve or lessen within the confines of a legitimate news organization?

As part of the continued tangled web that is the Boston sports media scene – it seems everyone is tied to everyone else in the media somehow – something that I did not know until yesterday was that Silva is also the webmaster for the All Pro Patriots Tailgate parties website, a venture headlined by WEEI personalities Glenn Ordway and Fred Smerlas. An interesting tie, given the acrimony between WEEI and the Globe.

Perhaps these issues will be addressed in a future online chat with Silva – an event that many will be looking forward to, for many different reasons, good and bad. I’m not sure it will actually happen. If it does, it will be heavily moderated.