Alright, what’s up with this team? We turn to the media for all the answers. Well, maybe not. Sean McAdam says mistakes and a faulty bullpen were to blame for the 12-6 thumping the Sox suffered at the hands of the Blue Jays last night. David Heuschkel says that Curt Schilling pitched much worse than his line would indicate. Bob Hohler says that the Sox once again feel behind early, a disturbing pattern that has now extended for a couple weeks. Jeff Horrigan looks at the struggles of Schilling last night. David Borges looks at the Sox falling out of first place. Dan Shaughnessy lauds Schilling for his preparation, despite the results last night. OK, nice of Dan to be positive, but let me ask you this….what if that was Pedro on the mound last night? Pedro throws a stinker, he’s “done”. Schilling throws one, and it’s ok, because it wasn’t because he wasn’t prepared…Tony Massarotti says Derek Lowe knows he needs to come up big tonight. Art Martone says there are many reasons for the hit and miss offense of the Red Sox. Neil Swidey has part of an extensive interview with Nomar Garciaparra, the full story can be read this Sunday in The Boston Globe Magazine.

Speaking of Nomar, Dirt Dogs has an exclusive that says the Sox shortstop actually tore the sheath around his Achilles tendon, a much more serious injury than just a bruise. On WEEI, Dennis and Callahan reported this news, citing the Dirt Dogs site as their source. If true, what does it say about the quality of reporting that we get from the newspapers? Shouldn’t they have this information first? Perhaps they have it already and for some reason have chosen not to report it. Wouldn’t be the first time. Back to your regularly scheduled programming… Massarotti says that the Sox are in need of some serious first aid. Steve Britt looks at Lowe trying to straighten himself out. Michael Gee has a pay column ranking baseball movies. He lists them as “hits”, “outs” and “errors” two of his “outs” are Field of Dreams and The Natural. He calls the latter “this dismal piece of claptrap.” Under his “Hits” he has listed “The Naked Gun”. Gerry Callahan has a pay column going after Barry Bonds for his “arrogance” in playing the “race card” recently. Hmmm, nice. A guy suspended from his job for making racially insensitive comments feels like he has the right to call a black man arrogant for suggesting that all things are still not equal in the matter of race in sports. Heuschkel’s notebook says that Terry Francona made the wrong call to the bullpen last night. Borges’ notebook looks at Lowe. McAdam’s notebook says that Lowe will try to turn things around in a park he’s never had much success in. Hohler’s notebook has Lowe trying to reduce the walks that have haunted him this year. Horrigan’s notebook says the Sox are looking forward to the day off on Monday.

Mike Reiss has a Question and Answer session with Patriots defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel.

David Scott had forgotten how much he actually hates the Lakers. Peter May looks at Derek Fisher and the Lakers stunning the Spurs in the final second last night.

Bill Griffith looks at NBC’s Donna Barton, who made the transition from rider to reporter covering this weekend’s Preakness. Boston Radio Watch reports that Bob Rodgers, formally of NESN is back among the gainfully employed:

Former NESN studio host Bob Rodgers took over as the regular host on Norm Resha's 'Calling All Sports' on WTKK 96.9FM (Sundays 4-7pm) last month. Rodgers replaces Gary Tanguay who was with the show since it landed on WTKK in 2001(BRW 11/29/01).

UPN-38 has Red Sox/Blue Jays at 7:00. TNT has Nets/Pistons at 7:00 and T-Wolves/Kings at 9:30