A couple things going on today worthy of creating a second post for the day. First, the Nomar/Dirt Dogs story. During the Dale & Neumy program on WEEI, Nomar’s uncle, Victor, cited on the BDD’s page called into the radio station to deny the story as it appears on the web page. Stay posted…

Update Eric Wilbur on Boston.com says the Nomar story actually originated as a post on the Red Sox Nation website. This has been a topic of discussion on WEEI today and Steve Silva, who runs the Dirt Dogs website was on with Dale & Neumy (and Dennis and Callahan) Silva has since posted an update on his own site, standing by his story.

Whether the story is true or not, it seems neither “old” media nor “new” media has distinguished themselves in this affair. It doesn’t reflect well on the Internet sites, as now people like Glenn Ordway have more ammo to use to belittle and mock “Internet geeks”, while at the same time his own station began the broadcast day fawning all over the report, treating it as legitimate and using it to further one of their own agendas. (The anti-Nomar agenda.) This whole thing has given me one massive headache.

Elsewhere, Bill Simmons announced in a Page2 Mailbag today that he has left the Jimmy Kimmel show and is back with ESPN.com:

Two weeks ago, I left Jimmy's show, and I'm signing a new contract with ESPN. When it came right down to it, I missed writing my column and wanted the chance to pursue some additional opportunities with ESPN (none of which I'm allowed to mention yet -- although sadly, the launching of ESPN6 isn't one of them). Between working 60 hours a week for a TV show and trying to keep my column alive, there just wasn't enough time in the week. And I felt like my writing was starting to slip -- I just didn't have enough time to work on columns or even think about them (which is three-fourths of the writing process). So something had to give.

A new contract with ESPN sounds like he’s not a candidate for the Globe columnist position, which he probably didn’t have a chance at anyway because of some hurt feelings by decision makers there… In any event. it’s my position that the Globe will not hire a columnist…they’ll likely just add another staff reporter/writer.