In the sixth inning last night, with the Red Sox trailing 6-2, Don Orsillo remarked, “If the Red Sox win tonight, they’ll have had a 4-2 record on this homestand.” It seemed a curious comment to make, especially with what the score was at that time. The Sox did score a couple times in the ninth to make it interesting, but wound up falling to the Indians 6-4 to cap off a subpar 3-3 homestand against the Royals and Indians. Tim Wakefield had a bit of a rough night, having all six Cleveland runs charged to him. The game stories today come from Gordon EdesKevin McNamaraMichael SilvermanTom Yantz… and Paul Teves. Beat writers must be like starting pitchers. The papers send them to the next city a bit earlier than the rest of the team. None of those guys just mentioned is the # 1 beat guy for his respective paper. Silverman splits that duty with Jeff Horrigan. Jackie MacMullan looks at the problems of Byung Hyun Kim. It might have been brought up elsewhere and I just didn’t read it, but MacMullan tells us that Kim’s work ethic is a major problem. No, it’s not that he doesn’t work enough. He works TOO much. Good job by Jackie in writing about this. Even Kim’s teammates are frustrated at how hard the guy works, he doesn’t think of anything else besides baseball, throws everyday, and seems on the road to burnout. Karen Guregian shows us another side of Manny…this time family man Manny, who thinks he may want to retire after his current contract runs out so he can be with his kids. Michael O’Connor looks at what is involved in becoming an American citizen, including 10 sample questions that Ramirez might’ve had to answer.

Ben McGrath in the New Yorker has a fascinating feature article about the knuckleball, and prominent in the piece is last night’s starter, Tim Wakefield, as well as the Sox minor league knuckleballer, Charlie Zink. Paul Harber looks at Doug Mirabelli, not satisfied with his performance last night despite two doubles. Matt Kalman says that the Sox strikeout numbers are of concern. Marvin Pave says that Wakefield’s problem last night was his inability to get ahead of the hitters. Michael Gee has a pay column telling us that the Red Sox poor fielding is going to catch up with them sooner or later. You just can’t get that kind of analysis anywhere else. Harber and Kalman have looks at Jamie Brown, who was called up from Pawtucket to replace Kim. McNamara’s notebook says that the Sox plan to give Kim plenty of work in Pawtucket. Yantz’ notebook looks at a close call in the outfield for Johnny Damon and Gabe Kapler last night. (Steve Buckley has a pay column about the same incident.) Teves’ notebook looks at Lou Merloni, happy to be in Cleveland. Silverman’s notebook looks at Brian Daubach coming through as a pinch-hitter last night. Edes’ notebook says Curt Schilling doesn’t mind high pitch counts.

Other than the Sox, a pretty slow morning in the newspapers. Peter May has a look at the Lakers, Nancy Marrapese-Burrell an article on the Tampa Bay Lightning, Ron Borges on Roy Jones Jr.

Ron Indrisano writes about the 21 year old trainer of Imperialism, who finished third in the Kentucky Derby. George Kimball says The Cliff’s Edge might have to withdraw from the Preakness.

NESN has Red Sox/Blue Jays at 7:00. ESPN has Lightning/Flyers at 7:00 and Sharks/Flames at 10:00. ABC has Spurs/Lakers at 8:00.