The Rangers finished up a three game sweep of the suddenly punchless Red Sox in Texas last night. The Sox could only manage one run in the 4-1 loss. Game stories are provided by Bob HohlerMichael SilvermanJoe McDonaldDavid Borges and David Heuschkel. The Rangers were a hot team coming into this series, and Nick Cafardo looks at the Sox getting caught by the enthusiastic young Rangers team. Karen Guregian has the story of Manny Ramirez offering to defer as much as $5 Million of this contract a year to help keep Pedro with the Red Sox. Manny says:

"I am serious,'' he said sternly. "I want Pedro to stay. Pedro's the heart of the team. He's been here so long. I think it's going to be a sad moment to see him leave. That's why I said what I did. It's really no problem for me. Hey, how much money do I need?''

Guregian notes that even though Donald Fehr and the union would never allow such a move, Manny was sincere in his offer. Pedro’s comments Friday night put a smile on more than one writer’s face over the weekend, as noted in yesterday’s links, Dan Shaughnessy was thrilled that there was finally something negative to write about regarding the Sox. Lenny Megliola says today that love him or hate him, Pedro always manages to keep things interesting. Yesterday, John Tomase published a list of the top 10 replacements for the Sox should Martinez and/or Derek Lowe leave town. Michael Gee has a pay column looking at the fuss being made over Pedro’s comments. People claim that Pedro was too harsh and spoke out at a bad time. Gee says:

Both these complaints are specious. They're based on apparent ignorance of both Martinez' personal makeup and human nature in general.

Martinez is in his seventh season with the Sox. If we haven't learned he's an injustice collector by now, we never will. There's nothing to criticize when an easily insulted person feels insulted. He is what he is.

I just like that he used the word “specious” – a BSMW favorite. Silverman speaks with Johnny Damon about making the results of steroid testing public. Damon is in favor of those using steroids being exposed. Guregian has a look at how Bronson Arroyo is handling his move to the bullpen…like a manager’s dream. No waves, just doing whatever it takes to help the team best. Hohler’s notebook looks at Sox executive and former Interim GM Mike Port, who is resting after suffering a heart attack on Saturday. Heuschkel’s notebook has Manny imploring the Sox to sign Pedro before the Yankees do. The final three notebooks all focus on Trot Nixon having a slight setback in his rehab. Silverman’s notebook, McDonald’s notebook and Borges’ notebook all have more on the “tender quad” developed by Nixon.

The Patriots wrapped up their rookie camp yesterday, offering contracts to only two rookie free agents, Hofstra receiver Ricky Bryant and Michigan tight end Andy Mignery. Michael Smith reports on Receiver P.K. Sam and running back Cedric Cobbs and how they realized how much they have to learn to catch up to speed in the NFL. Alan Greenberg reports on Bill Belichick delivering a commencement address at the New England Institute of Technology yesterday, after picking up a honorary doctorate of humane letters. Greenberg relates some of the life lessons that Belichick tried to get across to the graduates. Michael Felger looks at how Belichick’s system and way is spreading, reaching into the college game, and how college players who come from a system like LSU or Iowa have an edge when they come to the Patriots. Tom Curran reports on the progress of Rohan Davey, who may be ready to claim the #2 QB spot on the Patriots roster. Kevin Mannix has always liked Stephen Neal, and gives us an update on the former wrestler trying to make a career at guard in the NFL. Rich Thompson reports on the tryout of Florida State track star Michael Jennings, who never played a snap of college football, but is trying to make the NFL as a receiver. Mike Reiss has former Bentley safety Ryan Ferguson talking about his experience this weekend at Pats rookie camp.

Bill Griffith watched the work of Doc Rivers during the Lakers/Spurs broadcast yesterday and attempted to pick up some clues as to what the new Celtics coach might be bringing to Boston as far as philosophy and coaching style.

Russ Conway’s Sunday NHL notes are always a worthy read on Monday morning.

Dave Scott has his Monday morning recap of the weekend’s activities and Sunday night sports shows. He offers the new Globe Sports editor a few suggestions and some constructive criticism for Dan Shaughnessy in today’s Scott’s Shots.

CN8 had a show about the new Red Sox movie last night, with interviews of the principals involved, the filmmakers, some of the “fans” that were followed throughout the season and Larry Lucchino. It just cemented my resolve not to see that movie at all. I immediately switch the radio whenever Paul “angry Bill” Costine comes on WEEI, why would I watch an entire movie with him featured? No thanks. The show sure seemed to push the idea of Red Sox fans reveling in their suffering and not knowing what they’d do if the Red Sox won it all.

NESN has Red Sox/Indians at 7:00. ESPN has Red Wings/Flames at 10:00. ESPN2 has White Sox/Orioles at 7:00. TNT has Nets/Pistons at 8:00.