With comebacks by Phil Mickelson and the Red Sox climaxing just moments apart, yesterday afternoon/evening was riveting viewing for April sports. Mickelson chasing, catching and beating Ernie Els made for some of the best golf I have watched on TV. (Which admittedly, isn’t all that much.)

David Ortiz played the hero again for the Red Sox yesterday, as his 12th inning home run lifted the Sox over the Blue Jays, 6-4. Bob Hohler looks at Ortiz emerging as one of the best Left handed power hitters in baseball. Michael Silverman looks at Ortiz stealing the spotlight from Curt Schilling’s Fenway debut. Steven Krasner says Ortiz is just picking up where he left off last season. David Heuschkel has Manny serving as spokesman for Ortiz yesterday. David Borges completes the game stories with another look at the heroics of Ortiz. Sean McAdam says that this win was a necessary injection for a beat up Sox team. Bob Ryan looks at no game today. Deservedly so, for the Red Sox. Howard Bryant looks at Schilling’s debut getting overshadowed. Bryant also has a pay column looking at the Red Sox injuries. Jon Couture looks at the Sox picking up Schilling this time around. Paul Harbor looks at Schilling being grateful his mistakes were erased by the win. Matt Kalman looks at Mark Malaska getting the win yesterday. Rich Thompson looks at Mark Bellhorn’s high OBP which put him at the top of the batting order. Thompson also looks at Keith Foulke getting the job done in a non-save situation. Halman has one final look at David Ortiz getting the job done in style. Silverman’s notebook has Trot Nixon staying in Miami to rehab his back, rather than going to Fort Myers. It’s legit because the rehab center is in Miami, but just think of the buzz that would be going on right now if this was Manny, and not Trot, staying in Miami…Hohler’s notebook has the arrangement of the rotation so that Pedro will not face the Yankees this coming weekend, but will face them the following series. The ProJo notebook looks at Schilling’s relief at having his mistakes erased. Heuschkel’s notebook says Pedro will not be getting an extra day’s rest this season. Borges’ notebook also looks at Pedro having to wait to face the Yankees.

Steve Buckley spent some time just around noon yesterday on WEEI taking on a caller (“Razor”) who tried to challenge him a bit about his “confrontation” with Terry Francona over Pedro leaving early. Buckley said it was not confrontational at all, and that he and Francona have a “great relationship” and that he also has a great relationship with Pedro. Buckley and Sean McAdam both strongly denied that the incident was “Borges-like” in any way, shape, or form. It was a little frustrating that “Razor” would not press further on the issue, as he said it was Easter and he didn’t want to fight on the holiday, but Buckley was vehement in defense of himself in this instance. Methinks thou doth protest too much.

Email of the day from old pal Joseph Devanna:

Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 09:17:00 -0400
From: Devanna, Joseph
To: 'bruce@bostonsportsmedia.com'
Subject: No Subject

Oh no, all of the red sox fans are offended that they've been cast in an unflattering light. Why would someone do such a thing ? maybe because the fans here showed their true colors after the red sox were eliminated from the playoffs. That's because they along with the media attempted and eventually succeeded in throwing grady little under the bus. anyone who witnessed it saw it for all its ugliness. It was as if grady little had meant to hurt them or so we were told. So screw boston and screw red sox nation or Aryan nation or whatever you losers call yourselves, you get what you deserve and if your offended, well your not being truthful with yourself.

Devanna is a Yankee fan, in case you couldn’t tell. It speaks for itself, I think. Perhaps he’s just writing to see his name on the website. How pathetic would that be? This little site? Aim higher, my friend.

The Bruins fall 3-2 in Montreal, but still lead the series 2-1. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell, Stephen Harris and Dan Hickling have the game stories. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the edge the Montreal crowd gave the Canadiens. Mike Shalin looks at a solid effort by Andrew Raycroft on enemy ice. The Globe is swapping stories with the Montreal Gazette and legendary hockey scribe Red Fisher looks at Alexei Kovalev coming through for the Habs. Dupont also has a look at Kovalev being reborn last night. Karen Guregian has Jacques Demers saying that the Bruins can win it all. Fisher also looks at Jose Theodore closing the door on the Bruins. Dupont says that Habs are still waiting for a complete game from Theodore, who let in a couple bad goals last night. Guregian also has a look at the Montreal fans booing the US National Anthem. Shalin says the Canadiens are confident now. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook looks at Michael Nylander sitting out last night. That is also the subject of Harris’ notebook. Hickling’s notebook looks at Raycroft compared to other players in his draft class.

The Celtics are in the playoffs once again, though probably not the way that they wanted to get there. The links are over at Fox Sports Net.

Joe Gordon and Jim McCabe look at Phil Mickelson winning the Masters – his first victory in a major – in dramatic fashion. Michael Holley looks at Mickelson finally getting it right.

Dave Scott looks at the weekend sports and Sunday night shows in a Monday edition of Scott’s Shots.

FSN has Celtics/Heat at 7:00. ESPN has Avalanche/Stars at 8:00. ESPN2 has Flyers/Devils at 7:00 and Sharks/Blues at 9:30.