The Honeymoon is over, Terry. What? After only one game? Yeah. How predictable was this? The minute the sharks smell blood in the water, there is a frenzy. The nice guy, always putting a positive spin on things persona just leaves “Tito” open to being crucified. Nick Cafardo says we have a situation, right off the bat to open the season. Gerry Callahan has a pay column imploring Francona to stand up to Pedro and not let this happen again. Lenny Megliola says welcome to Boston, Terry, now get control of Pedro. David Heuschkel says that Francona is already guilty of not laying down the law to his players. Dan Shaughnessy shifts the blame over to Pedro for not showing respect to his manager. Dan makes a point to emphasize that his taking a hard line with Pedro over the last couple years has nothing to do with the fact that Pedro won’t speak to the media, but rather because Pedro has no respect for anyone. Get ready for a cut and paste of this article after every start Pedro makes this season. Steve Buckley has a pay column saying that Pedro needs to get himself together, mentally.

But what Martinez must do - and he must do it this week, while the Red Sox are still in Baltimore - is hop in a cab and head to the nearest Home Depot.

And once he's there, Martinez must purchase the proper tools to help fix that hole in his head.

The other big baseball news today is Curt Schilling making his Red Sox debut this afternoon. Jeff Horrigan looks at the emphasis Schilling places on preparation, especially against a team the Sox will face 19 times this year. Sean McAdam says Schilling’s career will have come full circle this afternoon, as he made his first major league start for the Orioles, against the Red Sox. David Heuschkel says Schilling is primed for his Sox debut. David Borges also has a look at Schilling first Sox start. Bill Reynolds says that fans are too jaded to care about steroid use in baseball. Cafardo’s notebook has more on Schilling. McAdam’s notebook has Francona saying Pokey Reese should have hit away instead of attempting to bunt for a basehit Sunday night. Horrigan’s notebook has Francona taking the fall for Pedro.

The Bruins open up the playoffs tomorrow night, and Steve Conroy says that Mike O’Connell can feel good about the job he did in putting this team together. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell sizes up the Bruins heading into the playoffs, she looks at their strengths and areas of concern. Mike Loftus looks at the job done by Mike Sullivan. Mick Colageo is looking forward to the NHL playoffs.

Michael Smith and Tom Curran report on the re-signing of Mike Cloud by the Patriots. Michael Felger says the move is of really no significance, and might be just to give them a body for the passing and mini-camps. Ron Borges has the obituary for former Patriots linebacker Larry McGrew. Felger also takes a look at the passing of McGrew, talking with his former teammate, Steve Nelson.

Mike Shalin, Mark Blaudschun and Matt Eagan look at UConn capturing its second NCAA mens basketball title with an 82-73 win over Georgia Tech last night. Bob Ryan says this time, the best team won the tourney. David Scott reports for BSMW from San Antonio on the game.

Celtics Links are over at Fox Sports Net.

Bill Griffith looks at Red Sox coverage, noting that NESN will be bumping some Sox games off to CN8 with the Bruins in the playoffs.

NESN has Sox/Orioles at 3:00. ESPN2 has Giants/Astros at 8:00. TNT has either the Cavs/Raptors or Magic/Pistons at 7:30 and Lakers/Blazers at 10:00. ESPN has the womens NCAA final with UConn/Tennessee at 8:30.