No links this morning, but here’s a couple items to look over. The Hardball times has Part two of its Interview with Howard Bryant. Some very interesting stuff in there, he comments on the relationship of the press and the athletes in Boston. Also that he does not consider sports radio “journalism” it’s more “reactionary and entertainment-based.”

Dave Scott has a Friday edition of Scott’s Shots.

Not directly Boston related, but with the Ty Law Hungry Man tour ongoing, Orlando Pace is hinting that he might drop the Poston brothers as his agents….because they’re asking things of the Rams that he isn’t demanding. This, along with the mess the Postons have made with the Redskins and LaVar Arrington may end up hurting the agency in its efforts to sign up new clients, such as Richard Seymour, who is in the process of hiring a new agent. has been hammering away at the Postons nearly everyday for a couple weeks now.

Email of the day:

From:"Devanna, Joseph"
To: "''"
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 09:53:09 -0500

Funny how you refer to alex Rodriguez as the precious, if he ended up in a red sox uniform, you and pete shepperd or one of the other local shills would be washing his car and picking up his cleaning right about now. Why don't you and felger go give belicheck that Swedish massage you've been promising him. Happy ending included

“The Precious” is not a shot at A-Rod, but a reference to how the media fawned over the prospect of getting him here in Boston. As for Belichick, I guess I’m just blinded by the Lombardi trophies. (And what’s the deal with comparing me to Pete Sheppard? That has got to be a first. Pete and I don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on many things.)