Alright, today is just a day for me to be annoyed about just about everything in the papers. I’ll admit it, I’m grouchy today. The Red Sox played the Yankees in Spring Training last night. Top story in the Herald online sports section? “Wake faces Ghosts“. Ugh. No I’m not blaming Michael Silverman, who I think is pretty solid. Over to the Globe, the top baseball story is about The Precious taking a ball off the jaw and having to leave the game. The second story is a column by Dan Shaughnessy involving the Red Sox and Yankees. Entitled “Bitter days ahead.” Need I say more? Tony Massarotti says that the Sox are dragging their feet in renegotiating contracts with their free agents to be. Larry Lucchino on WEEI this morning plainly said that the Sox are keeping the discussions private and that reports in the papers about such negotiations are pretty much all wrong. The Globe’s top baseball writer chooses to write about the Yankees manager this morning. Hello Gordon Edes, this is Boston. Sean McAdam has a piece about how the fans have helped Tim Wakefield to heal from his game seven experience. John Tomase says that these Sox are better than the 1987 version. Okay. David Heuschkel and Massarotti look at Nomar making progress towards being ready for opening day. Gerry Callahan says that Pedro is the one guy that the Sox HAVE to get a new deal done with. He reasons:

Pedro arrived in Boston from Montreal six years ago. He has gone 101-28 since. Epstein may have an army of little Bill James clones earnestly drawing up contingency plans on their Thinkpads, but in this case, their efforts are hopeless. There is no Jose Vidro-like replacement for Pedro, no Kelly Shoppach waiting in the wings. There is no one in the baseball universe who can step in and go 73 games over .500 in the next six seasons. Pedro often acts like he's something special, but that's only because he is.

I agree with Callahan. Yikes. How does that line go? “I will now light myself on fire.” Another reason to light yourself on fire? The upcoming film about the 2003 Red Sox that the fans can vote on the title for. Like we want to re-live that. No thanks. I’ll look ahead, not behind. Speaking of looking back, Silverman has Mike Greenwell trashing Dan Duquette. I’m surprised Ellis Burks even still talks to Greenwell after how many times Greenwell ran into him in the outfield during the time the played together. Cafardo’s notebook has more on Nomar being optimistic about opening day. Silverman’s notebook has Pedro awaiting word on his appeal of his fine for his actions in the ALCS game 3. McAdam’s notebook has more on the injury to A-Rod.

Michael Felger has Bill Belichick refusing to engage Ty Law in the war of words he so desperately wants. Meanwhile, Hector Longo weighs in and says about Ty Law:

He is not blowing smoke when he calls his employer, Bill Belichick, a liar. The New England Patriots' second-best player is angry and looking to protect his flank when it comes to the world champions and the organization's leader.

Strong words from Hector there. He agrees with Ty Law’s assertion that Belichick is a liar. Tom Curran has Rodney Harrison weighing in on the Ty Law issue and taking a very different approach to matters. Michael Smith notes that thanks to the competition committee, it will still be hard for assistant coaches on successful teams to get interviewed and hired to be head coaches. Mike Reiss says that a rule change would benefit Scott Pioli however.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell applauds the job done by Mike O’Connell in stocking this years team. Stephen Harris looks at the Bruins finding their playoff posture. Nick Colageo has a nice article on Andrew Raycroft. Kevin Paul Dupont has a portion of a one-on-one interview with Sergei Gonchar that will be shown on the Globe SportsPlus on NESN tonight. Harris’ notebook looks at Raycroft.

Celtics Links are over at Fox Sports Net.

Bill Reynolds and Buddy Thomas touch on a number of New England sports subjects. Bob Ryan looks at Eddie Sutton.

John Molori is critical of the media on many things, but loves Ron Borges taking on the Patriots.

NESN has Bruins/Maple Leafs at 7:00. ESPN has Red Wings/Avalanche at 8:00. CBS has the NCAA Tournament starting at 7:00.