Michael Holley addresses the Ty Law situation, noting how Law is just getting himself in deeper and deeper and looking worse each time he opens his mouth. He debunks a few claims made by Law about what is happening here and manages not to throw colleague Michael Smith under the bus in the process. Gerry Callahan has a pay column about the same situation, noting that:

Law has been on his "Get Rich Or Die Trying'' Tour for a few weeks now, and most Patriots fans are wondering when he'll start making sense. He has no real leverage. He is making $8 million a year, more than the franchise tag number for cornerbacks. He still probably has some of the staggering $14 million bonus he got five years ago. He is coming off a great season, but this is the first time in years that he would not be classified as dramatically overpaid. At this point, Uncle Junior seems to be thinking more clearly and acting more sensibly than Law.

Callahan says that his scheme might work, but the bottom line is that Law isn’t going to get his money here. I find it somewhat amusing when Law mentions the Eagles as a team he’d like to go to. Their acquisitions of Jevon Kearse and Terrell Owens aside, that is the franchise that might just be the most like the Patriots in the NFL. They’re let players go over the years rather than give out big contracts, and they keep winning each year. The Patriots also announced their opponents for the 2004 Preseason yesterday. Michael Felger has a Patriots notebook looking at the schedule and a couple other items.

Sean McAdam says today could be a critical day in contract talks between the Red Sox and Pedro Martinez. There are concerns from the Sox about Pedro’s velocity this spring, but it’s mentioned that Pedro might be holding back because talks aren’t going well and he doesn’t want to risk injury. Michael Silverman looks at a regular season style performance from Curt Schilling yesterday. David Borges says a team with Schilling is never dull. Nick Cafardo looks at Brian Daubach and Kevin Millar, still outsiders from the players union after all these years. Tony Massarotti says that Nomar would look great in Dodger blue. David Heuschkel looks at the spring performance of Bobby M. Jones for the Sox. The Projo Notebook looks at a stellar performance by Odalis Perez against the Sox yesterday. Silverman’s notebook says that Ramiro Mendoza’s spring debut has been pushed back again. Cafardo’s notebook looks at the high number of pitches thrown by Schilling.

Steve Conroy looks at Travis Green picking things up lately after a slow start. Marvin Pave has Patrice Bergeron anxious to get out and starting playing again. He tested his injured shoulder by pounding it up against the glass in practice and also asked one of his teammates to rough him up a little. Conroy’s notebook has more on the Bruins’ rookie.

A couple of Celtics links are over at Fox Sports Net.

Bill Griffith looks at WEEI’s expansion plans. Boston Radio Watch also reports on the purchase by Entercom of 103.7 FM. I’ve gotten a number of emails from last night and this morning wondering about further expansion. All corners of New England are interested in expansion. A Vermont emailer noted there are rumors of a couple Burlington based stations with very wide coverage available for sale. Another emailer noted the lack of signal in extreme Western MA, near Springfield. He said that the WEEI slogan of “from Watertown to Worcester to Wilbraham” isn’t all the accurate as he can rarely bring in either WEEI or WVEI from Wilbraham.

Bob Ryan looks at the NCAA tourney thus far.

NESN has Bruins/Senators at 7:00.