Sunday Evening Links from Len

David Scott has a Sunday version of Scott’s Shots.

It appears that Bob Ryan is at it again with his tasteless remarks. Mike Organ of The Tennessean has the story of Ryan’s Wednesday’s performance on ESPN Radio’s Tony Kornheiser Show where old Bob claims that Vanderbilt “has too many white guys” to beat Western Michigan. One would think that Ryan would learn from making these idiotic politically incorrect statements on the air. Would The Globe editors let this stuff get through? In any case, does Ryan even realize that European teams are winning gold medals in the Olympics these days? By the way, Vanderbilt is in the Sweet 16 and Ryan is just fortunate that he’s going to get away with this one.

CBS-4 actually showed two different games at the same time without splitting the screen. They switched the analog broadcast from the Kansas-Pacific game to the Pittsburgh-Wisconsin game and left the Kansas-Pacific game on its high definition broadcast.