Some more fun with the hypocritical Ron Borges…

From 09/01/2002

"How do you think Jets running back Curtis Martin feels about Tom Brady's new contract? Brady received the same $10 million signing bonus Martin did, although Brady's is a two-tiered deal with $4 million coming this season and $6 million next year if the team exercises its option. But here are two guys getting the same signing bonus and contracts that will probably end up netting each about the same money when one has started only one season while the other has been among the league's best running backs since he arrived in the NFL seven years ago. Martin has rushed for more than 1,000 yards each season and had the best season of his career last year. Thus are the vagaries of timing and life in the NFL, where Martin was the backbone of the Patriots for three years while never earning more than $247,000 and now Brady will earn more than $4 million in only his third season in the league and second as a starting quarterback. So it goes."

Now wait a minute…at that time, apparently Brady didn’t deserve the contract the got from the Patriots. Then, a couple months after that article, Borges wrote:

But a glaring hole remains in his resume this season, and it has his critics wild-eyed and his supporters alarmed. Against the league's top teams, New England is 0-5, having lost to Green Bay, Denver, San Diego, Oakland and Miami. Brady has not performed well in many of those outings. In New England's six victories, its opponents are a combined 28-37-1, with only two having winning records (the Jets at an identical 6-5 and the Steelers at 6-4-1) and Brady has shined. In an area that for years insisted Ted Williams and Roger Clemens were "lose-ahs" because they did not perform well in limited postseason appearances, you can imagine what some have begun to whisper about Brady.

Now as of yesterday, Brady is being insultingly underpaid by the Patriots and should be spending the rest of his summer in Alaska until the Patriots re-do his deal to something more along the lines of the cap albatross that Peyton Manning got.

What’s consistent theme here? The Patriots front office (read:Belichick) are evil and stupid. They were stupid to give Tom Brady a big contract in ’02. They’re evil to be paying Tom Brady so little in ’04.

The Globe archives are filled with this stuff. I hesitate to even bring all this up, because it is so glaringly obvious to most that Borges is a hate-filled, agenda-driven man who is blinded by his dislike of Patriots organization. Some just tell me that I’m validating him just by bringing more attention to him. Somehow though, I don’t think he’s going to go away by us ignoring him. So it goes.
(Thanks to Steve and M.T. for the gems from the Globe archives.)