Eric McHugh talks to Bill Belichick’s first NFL boss, Ted Marchibroda, who hired the 23 year old Belichick when he was with the Baltimore Colts in 1975. Tom Curran says life is great for Tom Brady. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the Patriots 14 game winning streak and their place in history. Michael Felger writes about Russ Hochstein and the Patriots offensive line preparing to block a much bigger and stronger Carolina defensive line than the one they face from Indy. Michael Smith says the Patriots have dismissed the words of Warren Sapp and have moved on to preparing for the game. Tim Weisberg collects Patriot reaction to the words of Sapp. Mike Reiss looks at Ted Johnson, preparing for his third Super Bowl with the Patriots armed with a new perspective. Kevin Mannix says that Tom Brady simply couldn’t say “no” to the invitation to come to the State of the Union address. Rich Thompson says Don Davis and the Patriots will not be taking the Panthers for granted. Alan Greenberg says that Tedy Bruschi is one player in favor of getting the extra week off for the Super Bowl. Bill Reynolds writes about Brown’s Chas Gessner, who has been along for this Patriots Super Bowl run and enjoying every moment of it. Curran also writes that the Super Bowl is a new experience for most of these Patriots. Dan Shaughnessy says the 24 active players who were around for the Super Bowl win two years ago know what it will take to win this one. Smith’s notebook says that the Jets might be interested in secondary coach Eric Mangini. Felger’s notebook has the Patriots keeping their fingers crossed on Bruschi’s status. Curran’s notebook has more on Hochstein and Sapp. Parente’s notebook also leads with Sapp’s smack.

Michael Parente looks at the rise of Jake Delhomme. Jim McCabe says that after years of tough times, the people of Charlotte have reason to celebrate the Panthers appearance in the Super Bowl. Rich Thompson looks at Dan Henning’s offense. George Kimball’s notebook looks at the Panthers knowing that New England is going to be a tough, physical team.

Bill Griffith looks at the exodus of local sports media to Houston.

We’re going to end this morning with an email received just a short time ago about an incident that happened on the Dennis & Callahan show this morning.

After listening to the D&C show this morning, I felt compelled to email you. I would like to recommend a follow up to the entire D&C incident. While its true that their ratings actually increased after their suspension, the offensive behavior continues to resonate. This morning's attack on Howard Bryant is just the latest example. Howard, you recall, wrote a scathing article after the gorilla episode, calling Callahan a racist among other things. Now, finally, D&C, bolstered by ratings approval have decided the time is right for a counter attack on Howard. They proceeded to call Mr. Bryant every name in the book during a five-minute rant this morning, with the highlight being John Dennis imploring Mr. Bryant to get his head out of his ass, and repeating it several times. They went on to question Howard