More reader feedback coming in on the Howard Bryant incident on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan program:

I agree with the person on your site who wrote in about the D&C attack on Howard Bryant. It was sickening, and completely transparent. Callahan had about a 20% involvement in the part I heard it was mostly all Dennis. Don't get me wrong, Callahan made no attempt to slow Dennis down, he just held back a bit more. I've been listening to their show for a year now, and I have never heard them attack someone with so much venom, especially a fellow journalist! It is tough to be a sports radio fan in RI, all we can listen to is 850 with its distasteful personalities but great guest appearances or amatuer hour on 790 the score with irritating Amy.

Here’s another view:

I heard some of what that emailer mentioned and was sort of flabbergasted. I also wanted to find out what Bryant wrote, I figured it was something about this being a red sox town, blah, blah. This was at about 6:40-6:45 this morning. I think Callahan said something to the effect of, I read Felger and Mannix, they always clue you into something new, but Howard Bryant brings nothing to the table, he's not even worth reading, he just throws in a bunch of 50 cent words, etc., while Dennis said,(not exactly verbatim), "yeah, just throw in a Malcolm X quote."

I really didn't get it, except to confirm in my own mind, what a bunch of vile, sad wretches all 3 of them are. Now it makes perfect sense.

And another:

I have never met Howard Bryant, but I have read his book "Shut Out: A History of Race and Baseball in Boston" and found it EXCELLENT. I NEVER read the Herald's premium on-line columns, but Bryant is one writer I have actually spent 50 cents to buy the newspaper to read, based on on-line teases. He can write.

In general my view of WEEI is this: I listen to it, because I love sports. However, The Big Show is the only listenable show on the station, and only when the right co-hosts are in the studio. After starting on weak-signaled 590, the all-sports format almost died. It was saved in 1995 when American Radio Systems (then its owner) moved the Red Sox from WRKO to WEEI.

Last fall's book coincided with an incredibly intense stretch drive, the playoffs and LCS, Grady's gaffe, the Schilling signing, the A-Rod rumors -- and, finally, an incredible streak by the Patriots. The great ratings book is not because of the "talent" of the morning hosts. (Bryant can write circles around Callahan, and Dennis should just play golf all day long - that's the only thing he cares about.) In retrospect, WEEI should have let Callahan jump to WWZN; he'd be talking to the same hundred listeners that Eddie does all day. Instead, they paid him big money ...

I did not hear today's rant. If after all the e-mails you believe that this was an egregious matter, I would suggest that you provide a link to yesterday's Globe piece on the new general manager of WEEI, Julie Kahn, and her e-mail address. She might be interested in hearing about this reaction.

Finally, here is one from someone who somewhat agreed with D&C, a little more of a controversial view. No, the emailer’s last name wasn’t Limbaugh.

While I agree that today's Bryant column was pretty mundane and didn't call for a scathing attack, I agree with much of what D&C said this AM. Bryant was heralded as a fresh voice on the scene and anointed with a column. He was a guest on most of the WEEI shows and came across as an intellectual. His performance to this point has been terribly disappointing. His Boston Uncommon is remarkably bland. I've come to treat it like a Buckley column- skip through it but rarely does it spark any interest at all.

Whether the to-do about his arrival was because he was the only black (that I'm aware of) sportswriter at the Herald or not, I'm not sure, but I suspect so. I think you could say the local media was desirous of a black sportswriter succeeding at the Herald. It is not often I give kudos to the Globe, but with significantly less fanfare, the Globe has hired two great talents who happen to be black. Michael Smith is a terrific reporter and Michael Holley brings something interesting almost every time out.

A bit of a rant but you posting that email seems to endorse its content and I think it's refreshing that someone called out this fraud Howard Bryant.