The countdown to Sunday continues. Tom Curran talks with the Titan’s offensive and defensive coordinators to get their input on what the Patriots can do against the Colts and how they can beat them. Michael Felger says one of the ways that the Patriots will likely try to do that is by controlling the clock, using the running game. Antowain Smith was a little banged up last week but will be ready to go. On the other hand, Michael Smith says Damien Woody’s season is over, a big blow for the Patriots. Jim Donaldson finds time to knock Bill Belichick for building up each opponent to seem unbeatable. Donaldson is clearly crying for attention with this article. That’s the only reasonable explanation for it. All coaches do that. What does he want Belichick to say? “I’m clearly in Peyton Manning’s head, so I don’t think we’ll have much trouble with them. Their defense is terrible, and I think we’ll pretty much be able to do whatever we want offensively.”? Yeah smart move. Jackie MacMullan has a good piece with Ken Walter, talking about his struggles this year, and how he’s been trying to deal with all of it. Eric McHugh looks at the 28 Patriots who are trying to make it to their first Super Bowl. Mike Reiss says the success of the Patriots is hurting the head coaching chances of Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis. Teams just don’t want to wait to name their new coaches. Alan Greenberg looks at the resurgent, Pro Bowl season of Willie McGinest. Glen Farley looks at the impact and importance of Rodney Harrison. Steve Buckley says that as long as the Patriots execute, they’re going to be fine, regardless of the matchups. Hector Longo breaks down the NFL final four. Michael Parente says the Patriots offense will try to crank it up this Sunday. Jonathan Comey says that in order to gauge this game, you need to take a look at the past. Gerry Callahan’s pay column says that Antowain Smith must run on Sunday, or be run out of town. Michael Vega looks at rookie Dan Koppen, another success in a long line of B.C. offensive linemen. Felger’s notebook has more on the frustration of Crennel and Weis.

Nick Cafardo says playing it safe in the playoffs gets you sent home. Jim McCabe looks at an older and wiser Edgerrin James. Lenny Megliola says that Doug Flutie’s days with the Chargers could be numbered. Joe Burris looks at the success the Colts opponents have had moving the ball on them.

The Celtics fell in Milwaukee last night 111-103, despite 33 points off the bench from Ricky Davis. The links are at Fox Sports Net New England.

Bill Reynolds writes about an appearance by Jason Varitek, Bill Mueller and Kevin Millar at the Warwick mall yesterday, and the reception they received. Gordon Edes says the Red Sox are close to a contract agreement on a two year deal with Byung Hyun Kim. Mike Fine says that life goes on for the Red Sox after the A-Rod flirtation. Ken Lechtanski looks at an amazing offseason for the Red Sox. Kevin Thomas looks at an appearance by Jerry Trupiano and Joe Castiglione up in Bangor. Thomas also reports that a Red Sox minor leaguer, Justin Sherrod is among the 25 bachelors on ABC’s new edition of “The Bachelorette,”which starts tonight at 9:00.

Russ Conway says Cam Neely’s style would’ve been hampered by today’s NHL. Mike Loftus says that Neely’s impact was felt on and off the ice. Win Bates looks back at the night for Cam. Ron Indrisano looks at the recent success of the Bruins, and the role played by Patrice Bergeron. Stephen Harris says a number of minor injuries isn’t going to stop the Bruins recent hot streak.

Tom Long has the obituary for James (Jim) Greenidge, who was the Patriots Media Relations director in the ’80’s and who had written for the Globe until suffering a stroke last year. Greenidge covered some hockey and also did a number of media-type columns as well. He’ll be missed.