Lots going on today, not a whole lot of time to bring it to you.

Bob Ryan looks at “the hottest quarterback in the known universe”. Peyton Manning. Tom Curran looks at possible kryptonite facing “Supermanning”. Michael Felger says the Patriots must get tough with the Colts. He also looks at the Patriots version of Bill James. Michael Smith says the Patriots are going to need a big game from the offense, not just the defense, in order to beat Indy. Alan Greenberg focuses on the defense as what will win the game. Nick Cafardo has a very good article looking at how Belichick defenses shut down two other other high powered offenses in the postseason, and what parts of those games they may bring into this week. Kevin Mannix also looks to the past for ideas as to how the Patriots will play this one. Michael Parente looks at another marquee QB matchup. Ron Hobson says the Patriots have earned a shot at another Super Bowl. Jim Donaldson says we will find out if defense wins championships. Eric McHugh says the Patriots defense needs to be able to get off the field on third downs. Mike Reiss says Antowain Smith will be ready to go against the Colts. Joe Burris looks at the balance that Tony Dungy has brought to the Colts. Frank Dell’Apa looks at the resourceful Eagles.

Number “8” has been raised to the FleetCenter rafters, no, not Antoine Walker, (Nice joke, Dickerson) but the great Cam Neely was honored by the Bruins last night. John Powers and Joe Gordon bring you the details of the retirement ceremony. Douglas Flynn says there will never be another Bruin like Cam Neely. Kevin Paul Dupont says Neely’s style of play is sorely missed in today’s NHL. Karen Guregian says Neely’s game was Hall of Fame worthy. James Murphy has Neely reflecting on Boston and the fans. Rich Thompson talks to a few of Neely’s ex-teammates. The Herald provides a transcript of Neely’s speech last night. Mike Loftus says Neely was the ultimate teammate. Ron Indrisano says Neely brought much needed attitude to hockey, but could actually play the game as well. Thompson also reviews the deal which brought Neely to Boston. Steve Buckley has a pay column in which he says that Neely is one of us, he’s at home here in Boston. Yes, there was also a hockey game at the FleetCenter last night as well. The Bruins defeated the Buffalo Sabres 4-3 behind two goals from the youngest player in the NHL, Patrice Bergeron. Paul Harbor has the game story for the Globe. Stephen Harris for the Herald, and Shalise Manza Young for the ProJo. Steve Conroy says the Bruins are glad that Bergeron does not act his age. Harris’ notebook looks at Jeremy Jacobs not backing off on his comments from earlier this season. The Globe notebook has Bergeron drawing raves. Young’s notebook has more on Neely.

New York finally gets a taste of the real Roger Clemens, and they do not like it. Tony Massarotti says hey, Roger always said he wanted to play closer to home. Guess he was telling the truth.

Does Roger still go into the hall as a Yankee?
New York Post.

Dan Shaughnessy says that it is fitting that Clemens ends his career in Texas, and enjoys the reaction in New York. Michael Silverman says the Red Sox brass is doing some damage control in trying to patch up their relationship with the popular Nomar Garciaparra. Tom Werner is the Red Sox point man on the West Coast. Tony Massarotti says the Red Sox are not buying the Billy Beane version of Moneyball. Beane