The drama continues. Today may be one of the least productive work days across New England since…well, since the week of the Red Sox/Yankees ALCS. The Players Union has stepped in and flexed its muscles, rejecting the proposal made by the Red Sox and Alex Rodriguez to his contract. Some feel this is nothing more than a PR stunt by the Union, who wish to show that they have authority and power, and that eventually this deal will still get done. Other think this is a deal breaker. Who to believe? In any event, the Internet will be a busy place today as people will constantly be checking in for the latest. Gordon Edes says that Bud Selig, who wants this deal to go through, may approve it anyway, and force the issue to an arbitrator. He also talks with Curt Schilling, who is never bashful about speaking about these things. Schilling believes it is wrong for the Union to go against the wishes of a player in this manner. Michael Silverman says all sides are still motivated to make this deal happen, and chances are “better than even” that it still will. Sean McAdam says the Commissioner may step in today, allow the trade to go through, and then attempt to iron out the differences.

According to sources close to the Commissioner's office, Selig intends to step in today and attempt to broker an agreement with the players' union that would allow the trade -- terms of which have been agreed upon by the Red Sox, Rangers and Rodriguez himself -- to go through. Selig will either try to work out an acceptable compromise or, if he cannot, convince the union to reverse its decision. If he cannot, sources say he is willing to take the case to an independent arbitrator in an attempt to overturn the ruling.

Jack O’Connell also has a look at the situation. Tony Massarotti says the price for signing Nomar goes up every day that this drags out. The situation is giving him leverage. Dan Shaughnessy knows Gene Orza and says he really is a likeable fellow, he just happens to be playing the Grinch to all of Boston. Gerry Callahan has a pay column for the Herald, and he takes on the Union noting that they are only about money, not what is in the best interest of the game.

A-Rod says he wants to win, and the union responds the way it always responds: Getting paid $25 million a year is winning, you ignorant little worker bee. It is the objective. And who cares what's best for the game of baseball? This is all about one thing and one thing only: making Marvin Miller proud.

Bob Hohler has an interesting look at how this situation is a ‘perverse irony’ and the opposite of what the Union is actually supposed to be doing for its players. The Union was formed to facilitate the ability of players to go an play in the cities that they wanted to play. In this instance, Rodriguez wants to play for Boston, Texas has given the permission for it, and yet the Union is blocking it. Hohler also looks at Magglio Ordonez, who would be a great fit here, and actually spends his winters working out with ARod. The Projo notebook has a look at the ESPN comments of Kevin Millar. It also says the Sox have a deal in place to acquire outfielder…and Nomar buddy…Jay Payton. Don Amore says the Yankees are keeping an eye on what the Red Sox are doing, even in the midst of making their own moves. John Tomase says that ARod needs Boston more than we need him.

The Celtics had a HUGE win over Antoine Walker and the Dallas Mavericks last night. All the links are over at Fox Sports Net New England.

Mike Reiss looks at a score that Ted Washington has to settle with Jets center Kevin Mawae. Washington’s agent claims that Mawae was responsible for the broken leg suffered by Big Ted in the first meeting between these clubs. Some great quotes in here, both from Washington’s agent and Mawae himself. Michael Felger also looks at this bitter matchup. Michael Smith looks at the improvement in the Jets since the last time we saw them. Pro Bowl selections are announced today, and Tom Curran looks at possible Patriot honorees. Michael Parente looks at the difference Chad Pennington has made in the Jets since his return from injury. Glen Farley looks at Patriots backup tackle Brandon Gorin, who is a “basketball junkie”. Mike Lowe looks at the Patriots quest for home field advantage. The notebooks have a lot of focus on Ken Walter. Smith’s notebook looks at the punter breaking his silence. Parente’s notebook looks at how a week off might’ve benefited Walter. Reiss’ notebook and Curran’s notebook also both lead off with Walter. Felger’s notebook has a look at the possible Pro Bowl selections.

Kevin Paul Dupont wonders what’s wrong with Joe Thornton. Steve Conroy looks at big time rookie Patrice Bergeron. Conroy’s notebook looks ahead to tonight’s matchup with the streaking Flames.

NESN has Bruins/Flames at 7:00. TNT has Mavericks/Timberwolves at 7:30 and Suns/Trailblazers at 10:00.