The ARod watch continues. No news as of yet. WEEI says the sides are not even talking today.

Christopher Price reports on Antoine Walker’s return to the FleetCenter last night in the first story published at BSMW under the new page: “The Press Box”. The page will serve to provide an online home to stories from writers that used to appear on the website of the Boston Metro. This is likely a temporary arrangement to allow their stories to appear online until they get their own page up and running.

In other news, WEEI sent out an email this morning announcing the news that Glenn Ordway has signed a new five year contract with the station. The email reads in part:

We have just signed Glenn Ordway to a new 5-year contract with WEEI, locking THE BIG SHOW in for, what is setting up to be, the most exciting five years in Boston Sports history. This solidifies our daytime line-up with multiple year deals in place for Glenn as well as Dennis & Callahan and Dale & Neumy.

Red Sox Nation is abuzz with the A-Rod trade on the horizon and Curt Schilling and Keith Foulke strengthening the pitching staff. The Patriots are poised for an exciting post-season and the Celtics are making moves that scream for Sports Radio discussion. I am pleased to tell you that WEEI is gearing up to bring you quality programming to match all that is happening in the world of sports.

Glenn and I have had many discussions over the past months while working out his contract. As a former Program Director, Glenn is uniquely qualified and an active participant in sculpting the on-air content of his program. We talked about the tremendous success of programming features like the Whiner Line, The Whiney Awards, Patriots Monday and regular guests like: Peter Gammons to complement the wide variety of "sports insiders" who co-host The Big Show. We also planned the enhancement of WEEI's Jimmy Fund Radiothon (1.1 million raised in its second year) and the newly developed Junior Jocks program that funnels money for sports programs directly to the neediest kids in Boston's Boys and Girls Clubs (over $30,000 raised to date in year one.)

Glenn's tremendous ratings speak for themselves in quantifying his success. Over the past four years Glenn has been #1 in WEEI's target demo of Men 25-54. We thank you for listening and for telling your friends about The Big Show and WEEI.

Ask Nick is up for another week. Last week he compared Tom Brady to Bill Russell. Check out this entry from last week’s mailbag:

Nick, I love your mailbag. I have always been a fan of Bledsoe and was sorry to see him go, but I think it's time to recognize the treasure we have that is Tom Brady. He's dramatically improved over the past two years, and all he does is win and rally his teammates week after week. He's got some pretty impressive records/stats already. Where would you rank him among Boston's all-time players right now, and also at the end of his career (assuming his career progresses in the same direction)? Thanks for responding!
Alvin Lin, Cambridge

A: Special. He's really special. I think now you have to start talking about him in the Bird, Orr, Havlicek, Ted Williams, Russell context. Believe me, I'll get a zillion e-mails from older fans who will take me to task for putting him in the same place as Russell, and I'm really not because Russell won multiple championships. But he's certainly above most of the great big stars who have come through Boston because he's won a championship. Before I get too carried away and dig a deeper hole for myself, let's see what he does with his career from here. He's a winner. He's a great person, which is very important to me, which is why I have so much respect for Bledsoe. I've had the honor to cover a lot of great athletes and people in the last 27 years of sports writing and Tom is right up there of people I respect as an athlete and as a person.

This week apparently Nick feels differently on the matter. This entry is from the mailbag today:

Remember Celtic Bill Russell wasn't about "stats" - just winning? Why then, isn't the same metric similarly applied to Tom Brady - whose leadership and 4 come-from-behind victories this season with relatively weak talent around him ought to make the case for NFL MVP?

-- Derek Larsson, Ashland

A: I think Tom has received a great deal of notoriety for his accomplishments over a short career. Please, don't compare him to Russell. Please. Not even close.

I don’t get it. Is it possible to compare Tom Brady to Bill Russell and then *not* compare him to Bill Russell?