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Wow…all I can is…wow! This Patriots team just continues to amaze. Despite missing Richard Seymour, a couple early turnovers, a plethora of penalties, giving up a punt return for a TD, some questionable play calls, and a loud Denver crowd, the Patriots pull out a 30-26 victory. Game stories of this amazing conquest are filed by Michael Smith, Tom Curran, Alan Greenberg, Mike Reiss and Michael Felger. Among the columnists, Kevin Mannix says this win is the best of the bunch for this determined team. Michael Holley says that this team is accomplishing great things, and all of all the teams that Bill Belichick has coached, this may be his favorite. Dan Shaughnessy reminds us that these aren’t the Red Sox. How predictable was this column? That pregame intro to Monday Night Football with Christopher Lloyd as a Boston minister preaching salvation in the Patriots was pretty funny though.

Rich Thompson and Nick Cafardo look at Tom Brady’s performance in leading the Patriots through the air. George Kimball looks at the play of Deion Branch, who made the big play in the first half to keep the Patriots in the game at that point. On the other side, Brian Howell looks at Delta O’Neal, who went from hero to goat in a hurry. Michael Smith notes that the Patriots could’ve had Clinton Portis instead of Daniel Graham in the draft last year. Thompson looks at the barrage of penalties that nearly proved fatal for the Pats last night. Cafardo and Kimball look at Bill Belichick’s decision to accept the safety with his team backed up to the one yard. The decision could not have worked out more perfectly. Dennis & Callahan noted that Grady would never have called for the safety… A development that surely saddened all Patriot fans was the fact the Shannon Sharpe is no longer undefeated against the Patriots. Thompson looks at the reunion of B.C. centers on the field last night. Smith’s notebook looks at the absence of Richard Seymour. Felger’s notebook has more on the injuries to Seymour and Troy Brown. Michael Parente’s notebook is also on the injuries.

With the late finish, a few stories were filed before the game ended, just to get things into the paper. Bill Reynolds writes about the atmosphere at Hooters for Monday Night Football. Michael Parente gives us our first look ahead to the next Tuna Bowl. Tom Curran looks at how Patriots fans travel well. Ian M. Clark says this team is hungry for more success. Kimball has a pay column comparing and contrasting Invesco Field to the old Mile High Stadium.

By the way, I think my new favorite Patriot is Eugene Wilson. No articles on him today, but man…did you see some of those hits? I think Rod Smith is still trying to clear his head. It’s always fun to hear the announcer say that so-and-so just got drilled by the *rookie* from .

Bill Griffith looks at the launch of the NFL Network, and when it might be available in New England, without DirecTV.

Bob Hohler and Tony Massarotti report on the Sox interviewing former shortstop Glenn Hoffman. Massarotti’s piece focuses on Hoffman’s session with the media, of which he says:

But then, dealing with the media is part of the challenge in managing the Red Sox, which is why Epstein sat off to the side during Hoffman's media session and watched over a man who could be the very first manager he hires.

It was all part of the test.

Is it just me, or is this the media making themselves the story again? It’s like Massarotti is taking pride in the fact that he perceives that the Red Sox are putting their candidates in front of the microphones to assess how they deal with the vaunted Boston Press. Bob Ryan looks at what Hoffman can bring to the Red Sox. Sean McAdam says Boston is a comfort zone for Hoffman. David Heuschkel also takes a look at Hoffman. Steve Buckley has a pay column weighing in on the managerial openings and moves around baseball. He takes some nice shots at Don Zimmer, and of course manages a Boston Braves reference. Gerry Callahan also has a pay column today on the Red Sox search for a new manager. His contribution is nine multiple choice interview questions.

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Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at Glen Murray looking to get untracked. Stephen Harris looks at the Bruins trying to improve their home record. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the rebirth of Hockeytown. Too bad. Boston could’ve and should’ve been America’s Hockeytown. I don’t believe any team has more loyal, rabid fans than the Bruins.