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The Patriots head into the Mile high city tonight in their latest attempt at payback. After having beating Miami in Miami earlier this season, something that had never happened in the months of September and October, could things be aligned for a victory in Denver as well? Tom Curran says this is a HUGE game for the Patriots, as the implications from a win or loss will likely be felt down the road. Kevin Mannix gives us his game day breakdown of the matchups. Alan Greenberg says the Patriots are going in with a no-excuses attitude. Michael Smith looks at the focus of the Patriots as they try to avoid a trap of thinking ahead to the bye week. Dan Shaughnessy with another look at what its like to play on Monday night. Michael Felger says the Patriots will likely have to go without Troy Brown for tonight, though the receiver did show some improvement yesterday and will be a game-time decision. Michael Parente looks ahead to the game tonight. Dell Jones issues a mea culpa on behalf of the media for how they doubted Bill Belichick after the first week of the season. Hector Longo gushes about Belichick and how he uses the pieces he has to work magic. George Kimball has yet another article on Danny Kanell. After the past week, I think I know more about Danny Kanell than I do about my own sisters. Sean Smith looks at the importance of a good placekicker in the NFL. Bill Burt declares the honeymoon over for Drew Bledsoe and the Bills. Kevin Mannix says the Mike Shanahan might be Bill Belichick’s match when it comes to (presumably football) scheming. Parente’s notebook looks at Belichick edict this week on not talking about chop blocks.

Just can’t knock those Red Sox off the headlines. Nick Cafardo looks at Glenn Hoffman and Bud Black coming in for interviews this week, and says the Red Sox have set the bar for managerial success so high that “The next Sox manager will have to be the best manager in the history of the franchise.” Tony Massarotti also looks at the early stages of the hunt for the new manager. Steve Buckley has a pay column on the Sox manager search and personnel decisions. Buckley’s notebook gives us an idea of how the interview will not be just a sit-across-the-desk-and-fire-questions sort of deal. Art Davidson says that Willie Randolph might be the best man for the job. Jim Donaldson says the Sox are trying to dump all their stars. Too bad we can’t dump all second-rate columnists that easily. Yankees beat writer Lawrence Rocca hits strongly with his article on Grady Little. He says of Little:

It's probably impossible to write too much about Little's tactical inadequacies, but most simply put, he was a strategic blockhead who trusted his cotton-farmer instincts more than hard statistical data. Sitting next to him in the dugout during the eighth inning of Game 7 must have felt a little bit like sitting near Kruschev during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

He refers to local efforts here to portray the Sox front office as a bunch statheads as “stupid media pandering” The article goes on, making more strong points of what the Sox are looking for in a manager, how Grady fell short. He also adds:

To believe the Red Sox fired Little because of that one non-move in Game 7 is absurd. That one non-move was merely the most obvious and damaging example of his anti-intellectual style of managing.

Are you listening Tony Massarotti and Sean McAdam?

Stephen Harris looks at the Bruins standing behind Joe Thornton’s frustrations with the officials. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at the Bruins’ frustration after Saturday’s 3-2 OT loss to the Penguins. Kevin Paul Dupont and Russ Conway look at the Hall of Fame career of Grant Fuhr. Harris’ notebook looks at the semi-open practice held by the team yesterday.

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Bill Burt looks at some supporters of Dennis & Callahan, and also reports on how Tony Cloninger turned around Scott Williamson. Ron Borges looks at the sad decision by Evander Holyfield to continue fighting.

ABC has Broncos/Patriots at 9:00.