The JV Sox lineup couldn’t score any runs last night against Tampa. David Heuschkel looks at a frustrating night at Fenway. Steven Krasner reports on a wasted night for the Sox. Jeff Horrigan says that even with TV in the bullpen, there wasn’t much to watch at the ballpark last night. Bob Hohler has the story of Victor Zambrano improving to 4-0 lifetime at Fenway, pitching the bulk of the only Red Sox shutout at home. Lenny Megliola blames the slow night at the park on Post Pedro Syndrome. Michael Silverman takes a look at the TV controversy that emerged last night. Sean McAdam notes that on such a slow night, the lone Sox highlight was 31 year old Andy Abad getting his first major league hit. Tony Massarotti writes the 73,394th (unofficial count) article wondering when the Sox are going to pick up Grady’s 2004 option. Bob Ryan looks at a weird, full-moon type game. Silverman has a piece in which he polls various Sox on their opinions on who should win the league’s major awards. Brian Fleming looks at the Sox vaunted offense sputtering a bit on this homestand. Peter May looks at Rhode Island day at Fenway. Michael Gee has a pay column in which he says Grady Little knows the bullpen will the be the death of this team, so he’s leaving the starters in as long as they can go. Ryan also looks at the good atmosphere in the Sox clubhouse this season, as opposed to previous years. A Guerilla Sports satire article looks at the Sox acquiring the rights to the Rally Monkey to use the name for their bullpen. Horrigan’s notebook looks at a strained left abdominal muscle that sidelined Johnny Damon last night. Krasner’s notebook has more on the injury, as does Heuschkel’s notebook. Hohler’s notebook concludes the injury update, noting that the baseball injury gods might be catching up with the Sox finally.

The Colvin injury is the biggest Patriot story this week. In light of yesterday’s press conference exchange between Bill Belichick and Ken Powers of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette. I shelled out my 50 cents so I could read what Powers had to say today. (The T&G is a paper you have to pay to read on-line.) Powers calls the Patriots communication regarding injuries a “A sham of a mockery of a sham.” Powers inserts himself into the story, relating the tale of his exchange with the coach:

It's just inconceivable to me that Belichick doesn't know the injury or the timetable, and I told him that.

He didn't take it well.

"I don't know what to tell you," he stammered. "You can be as belligerent as you want about it. I can't give you any more information than what I have, which is the injury and the treatment has not been fully decided on yet. That is a fact, and he is not playing this week. Write whatever you want to write. Make it however long you want to make it. I can't verify it one way or the other."

Belligerent? Me? Now that hurts.

Watching the conference, I don’t think Belichick “stammered” out that answer. He was decisive and assertive. If it makes Powers feel better to put it that way, then so be it. Powers goes on to assert that the policy is “disingenuous, insulting and disrespectful” and needs to change “immediately”. Does this episode provide any clues as to the hostility towards Belichick in many media corners? You bet it does. I’m not saying Belichick is right or wrong in this situation, but it does provide insight as to why many of the press corps are openly hostile towards him. Alan Greenberg has a more measured version of the situation. Karen Guregian looks at the press conference and Patriots information policy as well. Michael Parente also has a piece on the injury. Nick Cafardo reports on the situation, and says that sources tell that Globe that Colvin “suffered a temporary dislocation of the left hip that popped out and popped back into place shortly after he injured the hip.” I guess that begs the question…Is it possible to have a dislocated hip, and then have it not dislocated? Where’s Michael Felger when we need him? Oh, writing about Tedy Bruschi. Felger looks at the linebacker’s game, which is all heart. Tom Curran says that Colvin’s injury is like having your best Christmas present break on December 27. Christopher Price looks at how the Patriots will attempt to make up for Colvin’s loss. George Kimball looks at Ray Mickens, who will be starting at cornerback for the Jets this Sunday, filling in for Donnie Abraham. Cafardo also takes a look at Matt Light, who has a tough matchup in every AFC East game. Curran’s notebook has Herm Edwards saying he hates dealing with unexpected situations. Felger’s notebook looks at the injury bug at Gillette. Parente’s notebook looks at Vinny Testaverde, excited to be playing football again.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at the Bruins contract impasse with Nick Boynton. Stephen Harris has a look at Marty Lapoint, and his value to the B’s. Travis Barrett looks at Jeff Jillson, coming in with high expectations.

Jackie MacMullan has a feature on Dan Allen, The Holy Cross football coach is battling Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and is confined to a wheelchair. A tough story, Allen hopes to recover and walk again, but the prognosis for the future is unknown.

NESN has Red Sox/Devil Rays at 7:00. ESPN has Texas A&M/Virginia Tech at 7:30. ESPN2 has Revolution/Rapids MLS soccer at 7:30.