HBO’s “Curse of the Bambino” program which debuted last night was a hot topic all day on the radio. Each occasion I got to listen in during the day it was being discussed, on D&C, D&N and The Big Show. Much of the talk was critical of the idea of a “curse”, which was encouraging. Of course, Gerry Callahan knocking the show, but his revealing later on his show that his own segment ended up cut from the final production was worth raising an eyebrow over. Pete Sheppard told the story of what he did after the 1986 World Series as a 19 year old, collapsing into his father’s arms, emotionally exhausted.

From my daily email update from The Jax Show:

First, Bill Simmons - "The Sports Guy" from ESPN the Magazine and - called in from L.A. with some long distance Boston pain. Bill watched HBO's "Curse of the Bambino" special on Tuesday night and was unhappy with the fact that it had just 2 moments of positivity in a 1 hour show. Simmons also talked about the narrator of the special - Ben Affleck - and his relationship troubles with Jennifer Lopez. Bill also recounted what he calls "Black Sunday", September 7th when the Patriots were shut out by the Bills and the Red Sox missed an opportunity to sweep the Yankees. Simmons said that day was essentially 3 hours of hell. Bill said he thinks there's no reason that the Sox shouldn't make the playoffs with their schedule, and he said if they do, Grady Little's job should be safe.

Sean McAdam - the Sox beat writer for the Providence Journal-Bulletin - chatted with the guys about Red Sox nation as well. McAdam talked about how important it's been for Pedro Martinez to put in the innings that he has in his last couple starts. He said that Pedro and Derek Lowe give the Sox a solid foundation in their rotation heading into what should be a postseason run. But, they do have issues beyond those two, both at the back end of the rotation and in the bullpen. McAdam also detailed the prolific Sox offense and how easy it's been for them to score runs. Sean said that it's tough to pick a team MVP, but he does believe that Bill Mueller is a legitimate AL MVP candidate in his first season in the AL. Sean also said that there's no question that David Ortiz is the 2nd-half MVP of the team, both on the field and in the clubhouse. McAdam says that no one's admitting that the team is focused on the Wild Card, but he does believe it has made the team more loose down the stretch.

Watching and listening to the Bill Belichick press conference today, I get a kick out of the exchange Belichick had with Ken Powers of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette. Yes, it’s frustrating not knowing as a fan how long Colvin is going to be out, or what his injury is. But there was a certain Parcellian feel about the whole confrontation and exchange. The transcript of the conference doesn’t quite capture the moment, but you get the idea. You can also listen to the exchange via RealPlayer.