The Globe attempts a glimpse of its glory days by bringing in David Halberstam to write a feature about what it is like to be a citizen of Red Sox nation. Jackie MacMullan looks at busy sports schedule in Boston this week, focusing mostly on the Deutsche Bank Championship at TPC Boston. So much going on, in fact, that there are curiously few stories on the Red Sox/Yankees series that opens tonight. We expected the Dan Shaughnessy Athens-Sparta matchup column and didn’t get it. Michael Silverman says that the Red Sox respect the Yankees, but still feel they should be in first place. Steven Krasner writes that despite all the distractions of the last couple weeks, the Sox are right where they want to be. Howard Bryant says the Sox are like a little brother tired of being picked on and ready to strike back. Kevin Gray says there are chinks in the Yankee armor. Steve Britt wonders who would’ve thought the Red Sox could get back into this AL east race… Lou Merloni is back with the Sox. Bob Hohler, Lenny Megliola, (He says the Yankees were also interested in Lou.) Art Davidson and Krasner all look at the return of Framingham Lou. MacMullan also looks at Jason Varitek, finally fully recovered from that elbow injury of 2001.

Mike Reiss tries to figure out who the final cuts will be and what the roster will looks like for the opening day Patriots. Nick Cafardo writes a similar column to one he did a couple weeks ago, about the Patriot coordinators and their head coaching aspirations. Kevin Mannix looks at what we’ve learned from the preseason. At the end he also asserts that it is “likely” that new cult hero Dan Klecko will be cut. Alan Greenberg looks at Ken Walter, somehow hanging on to his job with the team. Michael Parente looks at the continued game of musical chairs on the offensive line. Tom Curran looks at the battle for the backup QB spot. Michael Felger looks at Damon Huard, who appears to be hanging out in the win a bit as to what his role with the team is going to be. Hector Longo looks at what could be a tough opener for the Buffalo Bills and Drew Bledsoe. Cafardo’s notebook looks at the backup QB battle. In Felger’s notebook, Charlie Weis is comfortable with the weapons he has on offense. Curran’s notebook says the Pats are likely glad for their own sake that the 49ers passed on hiring Romeo Crennel as their head coach. Parente’s notebook looks at some things that Tom Brady has been working on.

With Tiger in town, there are a number of articles on him today. Kevin Paul Dupont records a day spent following Tiger. Gerry Callahan writes a pay column gushing that no one handles the demands of fame as well as Tiger does.

He might be the most telegenic athlete in the world, as smooth and natural in Buick commercials as he is in Buick Invitationals, and yet TV does not do him justice. You spend a few frenetic hours on Planet Tiger, and you notice something odd. He doesn't sweat. He doesn't even wrinkle. He is strangely neat and shiny in person, all perfect angles and lines. There are guys on the Champions Tour with GRIPS that are thicker than Tiger's waist, and the only things straighter than the creases in his pants are his teeth.

Paul Kenyon says Tiger is a winner no matter what happens this weekend, as all proceeds from this weekend go to the Tiger Woods Foundation for children. Jim McCabe looks at the rise of Tiger by recalling Amateur wins in New England.

Down in Philadelphia, Stephen A. Smith takes a few shots at Larry Legend.

WBZ 4 has Red Sox/Yankees at 7:00. TBS has Braves/Pirates at 7:00. USA is carrying the Deutsche Bank Championship First-round play at 5:00. ESPN has Toledo/UNLV college football at 9:00.