Sometimes I wish newspapers could trade columnists like teams trade players. I wonder if the Globe and Washington Post could work out a trade of Tony Kornheiser for Dan Shaughnessy and an intern to be named later. Kornheiser wishes D.C. had divas like Pedro, while Dan is determined to chase them out of town.

Listening to Pete Sheppard’s comments today to open the Big Show was an event that had to be heard to be appreciated. Instead of addressing his own remarks, his defense is that Lucchino was wrong, he wasn’t hosting that day, Ordway was. Then Pete said all the remarks on the show were made in fun, and “tongue in cheek”. He added that his own comments were the mildest of all the participants of the show, and that he really didn’t say too much during that two hour segment.

John Molori weighs in on the Boston media negativity. He’s speaking mostly on the Kevin Millar column from last week, but most of it applies to the Pedro situation as well.