So just when is the next expansion draft? Just kidding, we’ll give Suppan a mulligan on last night’s performance. Trot comes through and saves the day. Jeff Horrigan notes how Trot is about the only hitter in baseball that can do anything off Brendan Donnelly. Steven Krasner also looks at the clutch performance of Trot. David Heuschkel further explores how Trot has been able to get a few hits off Donnelly…more than the rest of his team has. Kevin Paul Dupont gives credit to the offense as a whole for bailing out Suppan. (New design for the web pages) Gordon Edes looks at Suppan, the reception he received and the first game jitters he had last night. Kevin Gray says the grace period has ended quickly for Suppan. Steve Conroy says Suppan was thankful he wasn’t pitching for the Pirates last night, as he’d have gotten an “L” for sure. Christopher Price says while it wasn’t the homecoming Suppan has hoped for, he’s glad to get it behind him. Tony Massarotti looks at he Sox bullpen, and gets comments on it from Mike Scioscia, who in winning the World Series last year had the best bullpen in the game down the stretch. Paul Kenyon notes a mixed performance by the Sox newest additions last night. Mark Murphy looks at how injuries have hampered the Angels this year. Michael Vega has another look at the clutch hit by Nixon. Mike Giardi says he’s always been a Trot guy. Conroy also looks at Brandon Lyon, back with the Boston organization after a brief pit stop in Pittsburgh. Murphy has a look at Kevin Millar, glad to be back at Fenway, and still the co-holder of the longest on-base streak in the minors. (for the last 10 years anyway.) Vega also writes that Millar will be in the record books a bit longer. Karen Guregian and Joe Burris look at Kevin Youkilis’ on-base streak coming to an end last night in Pawtucket. Bill Burt says the Sox gave up someone special when they traded Freddy Sanchez. Jon Couture says that no matter what the Red Sox do, Yankee fans feel it’s their God-given right to win the division and World Series. Ross Kerber looks at the Sox and Yankees battling over cable TV rights in Connecticut. Dupont’s notebook looks at Jeremy Giambi to the DL again. Horrigan’s notebook looks at Giambi’s replacement on the roster, Dave McCarty, who is here for some late inning glove work at first base. Krasner’s notebook says McCarty’s glove has kept him in a job all these years. Heuschkel’s notebook also looks at McCarty.

Some diverse stories on the Patriots today, unlike yesterday when it seemed every story was about the young cornerbacks. Alan Greenberg looks at fullback Fred McCrary, who wouldn’t want to go back to his old job if football didn’t work out for some reason. Michael Felger looks at the gaping hole at nose tackle and what the Pats are trying there. Mike Reiss also looks at that crucial position. Carolyn Thornton looks at Rohan Davey, feeling comfortable in his second year in this system. Ian M. Clark says that tomorrow night will be a first test for many of the players on the Patriots roster. Michael Parente says that Dedric Ward has been opening eyes at camp with his play and may force the Patriots to carry six receivers. Aaron Harlan looks at Joe Andruzzi, trying to come back from yet another knee problem and isn’t ready to give up his job yet. Felger’s notebook looks at David Givens, having an excellent camp and ready to seize an opportunity in these preseason games. Harlan’s notebook has Coach Belichick ready to see what certain guys can do in game situations. Thornton’s notebook looks at the issue of playing veterans or rookies. Parente’s notebook has more on Davey.

Kevin Paul Dupont reports on the injuries to Jonathan Girard, who was lucky to survive the car accident that crushed his pelvis. That hurts just to write that.

NESN has Sox/Angels at 7:00. ESPN has Rangers/Yankees at 7:00. ESPN2 has Reds/Dodgers at 10:00.