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Pedro goes nine, and Kevin Paul Dupont still does his best to ensure that Sox fans don’t enjoy the performance too much:

Something for Red Sox Nation to ponder: It was only the fifth time in his years with the Sox that Martinez has allowed double digits in hits. The last time? When he gave up a dozen to Florida July 18, 1999, the prelude to his being placed on the disabled list.

Of course that game against the Marlins, Pedro gave up 12 hits in 3 2/3 innings. A little bit of a difference from giving up 10 hits in 9 complete innings. I would say this is an example of the media being negative and fatalistic. It’s possible to reveal this information without being quite so dramatic, David Heuschkel does so in passing, he manages to mention all the above, including the disabled list, without ticking me off. Jeff Horrigan relates the tale of the Sox having some fun with Manny before the game. Steven Krasner focuses on the performance by Pedro, who had plenty of gas to finish off the game. Christopher Price says that Pedro wasn’t leaving anything to chance. Remember all the uproar over star treatment? Kevin Gray says last night was the payoff for that. Dan Shaughnessy says it was a nice night at the ballpark. He also complains about Pedro not talking to the media and says that the fact that New York has more direct flights to the Dominican Republic might be a bargaining tool for George Steinbrenner in the future. He does a little namecalling as well. That’s Shaughnessy, Boston’s own Dr. Feelgood. But God forbid anyone challenge him on it, he’ll get the claws out on you. Tony Massarotti looks at the performance by Pedro as well. He also complains about Pedro not talking to the media. These guys act like they don’t understand why players don’t want to talk to them. Todd Jones tells them why, goes over the top a bit, and they attack him. These guys don’t get it. Gordon Edes does his job and does it well, focusing on the on field performance by Pedro and not complaining about his not talking to the media. Instead, he goes and gets quotes from other people, including a lot from Mike Scioscia. Lenny Megliola says Pedro showed a lot of heart last night. A new Hench’s Hardball says Grady Little has let “wussy” Pedro go too far in his last few starts. Mark Murphy looks at one of the highlights of the season, a wonderful leaping catch up against the wall by Johnny Damon. Jerry Trupiano may get on my nerves at times with false alarm drives to the warning track, but his call of this catch was superb. Joe Burris also looks at the catch by Damon. Steve Conroy looks at another big night for David Ortiz. Shalise Manza Young also has a look at Ortiz. Alex Speier looks at a win in which the Sox didn’t pound the ball all over the yard. Murphy also has a look at David Eckstein. Buddy Thomas says the next two weeks will make or break the season for the Sox. Conroy looks at defensive replacement Dave McCarty and his role on the club. Dupont’s notebook looks at Lyon getting a second opinion on his elbow. Horrigan’s notebook has more on that same topic. Krasner’s notebook looks at the catch by Damon.

Patriots kick off the preseason tonight. Michael Felger says it’s a big opportunity for the backup and rookie players to catch the eye of the coaches. Nick Cafardo says the Patriots should be focusing on the running game on both sides of the ball tonight. Alan Greenberg will be looking at what the newcomers can do. Tom Curran says due to injuries there won’t be a big battle for playing time at running back tonight, and gives some other things to look for tonight. Michael Parente previews the preseason opener tonight as well. Felger also says that preseason openers can be telling. Last year’s was. Christopher Price has some more things to look for tonight. Mike Reiss has the story of Giant’s coach Jim Fassell being reunited with the son he gave away for adoption 34 years ago. Parente also has a look at Rick Lyle in the nose tackle spot.

NESN has Red Sox/Angels at 7:00. ESPN & WCVB 5 have Patriots/Giants at 8:00.