‘Dozer does it again. Another strong starting performance from the former Yankee enables the sox to secure a three game sweep of the Blue Jays. Michael Silverman reports on the confidence gained by both Mendoza and the Red Sox. Sean McAdam looks at the significance of the sweep, the most important part being that the Sox picked up two games on the Yankees in the process. Nick Cafardo notes the happy Sox clubhouse following the game. David Heuschkel says this trip to Toronto was a bit different from the last one. Manager Tony Massarotti gives his inspirational pregame speech to the team before they take on the Tigers in Detroit. Gordon Edes looks at the whole Pedro-skipping-the-Yankees mess that dominated the airwaves yesterday, making sure to emphasize that it was not Pedro’s idea in the first place, and noting that Grady Little has since changed his mind on the matter. Whether he was talked into it by management or not, you have to give Little at least a bit of credit for being flexible. I think we know that Jimy Williams would not have changed the rotation once he set it, no matter who told him to do it. He was that stubborn. Massarotti also covers Little changing his mind on the matter. Cafardo also reports on the rotation change, allowing Pedro to face the Yankees. A couple notes from the WEEI pregame show last night. First, Joe Castiglione’s numerous references to the Johnny Damon to the Royals talk as an “Internet rumor”. He presented it to Theo as such, and talked to guest Don Orsillo and referred to it that way and perhaps a couple more times as well. He talked about the age of the Internet, where fans can start rumors like that and they can spread all over the place and be talked about as if they were true. The problem is, this was no “Internet rumor”, started by some wishful fan. It was reported by David Heuschkel in a real newspaper, the Hartford Courant, and had quotes from the subject himself, Damon, who told Heuschkel that the Royals’ Mike Sweeney had told him he had heard that his club was close to making a deal for Damon. Edes has Damon’s agent, Scott Boras dismissing the rumors, but the fact remains that the rumor was not something just making the rounds on bulletin boards around the ‘net. The other thing from that pregame show that had me shaking my head was a comment from Orsillo. First, Wednesday night, when Kim came into the game, Orsillo mentioned on NESN a couple times that that was his third straight appearance. In actuality it was the fourth day in a row Kim had pitched. I just gave him the benefit of the doubt, as everyone is going to get things wrong once in a while. Then last night, on the WEEI pregame, Orsillo was on, and said it again, that Kim had pitched in his third straight game the previous night. I would’ve thought someone would’ve brought it to his attention during the day, or that he would’ve figured it out on his own that Kim had actually pitched four days in a row. Not a huge deal, as I’m sure all these games run into each other, but a minor annoyance to me. Cafardo’s notebook reports on Little sitting out last night to serve a suspension. He also reports on Manny having a “heavily wrapped” hamstring after the game. Silverman’s notebook also looks at Grady taking a Little break. McAdam’s notebook has more on the Pedro facing the Yankees flap, as does Heuschkel’s notebook.

Shira Springer and Steve Bulpett report on former high school phenom Lenny Cooke trying to get a shot with the Celtics summer league squad. After reading the pieces, I come away not expecting Cooke to get much of a shot, or playing time, in the Rebook sponsored league. Bulpett’s notebook reports on the signing of the Celtics two first round picks, and also that LeBron James will not be playing next Wednesday in the league as he’s going to the ESPY Awards instead. Brian Towey has a piece on 6-11 Luke Bonner of Concord, who hopes to follow in his brother Matt’s footsteps to the NBA.

Karen Guregian says the possibility of Curtis Joseph coming to the Bruins is just a pipe dream to wary fans. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Steve Conroy look at the Bruins hiring of Norm Maciver as an assistant under Mike Sullivan.

Michael Smith reports on the Patriots not selecting Tony Hollings in the supplemental draft…not getting a chance to, really and also on signing status of some of their draft picks.

Bill Griffith looks at what Fox is banking on for the All Star game. John Howell also looks at the annual summer event. Jim Baker has Tommy Heinsohn proclaiming he’ll still shout “I love Waltah” when he’s playing in another uniform, and also looks at the All Star game in his pay column.

UPN38 has Red Sox/Tigers at 7:00.

Note…when this was posted, the Hartford Courant stories were coming up blank I assumed Heuschkel and Howell were the authors of the stories linked, and hope that the links will work once the Courant gets things running again.