With the Red Sox having the night off, full attention can be devoted to Miami leaving the Big East. Everyone weighs in on this one. Who knew Boston was such a college sports town? Jackie MacMullan says that right from the beginning, Miami didn’t fit with the Big East. Gerry Callahan’s pay column says Gene DeFilippo messed up by trusting the slimey ACC officials. As for Virginia Tech, Callahan says:

Now we are left to wonder: Will Virginia Tech sue itself? Or will it settle out of court? Do they have ethics classes in Blacksburg? If so, do the professors wear clown noses and those Steve Martin arrows through their heads? And speaking of Blacksburg, does the fact that the ACC officials made a site visit after extending an invitation to the Hokies tell you all you need to know about that glorified tractor-trailer school? Was Virginia Tech even in the Big East basketball conference? We never noticed. ``These two institutions represent and share the values for which the ACC has long been known,'' said Clemson president James Barker of Miami and Virginia Tech.

Jeff Goldberg notes that just days after Big East schools captured the men’s and women’s basketball championships, the league’s future got put into jeopardy. He examines what’s next for the conference. Jim Donaldson comments on the public disgust surrounding this whole process. Mark Blaudschun looks ahead for the Big East. Joe Burris looks at the situation after yesterday’s events. As for BC, John Connelly says they’re just treating it as a bump in the road. Ken Davis says despite this mess. Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese is in no danger of losing his job. Jeff Jacobs says that Tranghese seemed pretty devastated after the news yesterday. Matt Eagan says that the lawsuit involving the Big East and Miami is continuing to move forward. Bob Ryan notes that Tom O’Brien doesn’t appear to be too concerned nor bothered with the shifting scene in his conference. Michael Smith gathers the opinions of current and former BC players on the topic of Miami’s defection. Desmond Conner says that UCONN Football could be stepping up to the Big East a year early. Tom Yantz says that the raided Big East will now become the raider. Bill Griffith looks at the impact of this on the TV deals the conferences have. Michael Gee admits he has enjoyed College sports for decades, but he knows that:

Deep in my heart, I know there's only one way to clean up the business of college sports. Get rid of it. All of it. Football first.

One thing I learned in all of this. The Hartford Courant has it all over the Boston papers when it comes to writing about college sports. Ok, I knew that beforehand, but today just totally erases any doubt.

Gordon Edes says all the changes in the bullpen were made aiming at the Yankees for this weekend and the rest of the season. He seems confident that “they may find themselves in the improbable position of being a force for good in a season that still has a chance of being very special.” Tony Massarotti says that Theo is losing sleep over this team, but he’ll continue to tinker until he gets a combination that works. Tony also reveals that Theo is only 29. Art Martone says the time to fix bullpen is now. Jon Couture writes about the unwritten rules in baseball and the honor of the game. He disagrees with the opinions of Buckley and Massarotti over the weekend about the Sox shaming themselves. Paul Doyle looks at Gabe Kapler’s journey from the hottest prospect in baseball to getting released by the Rockies 12 days ago. Michael Silverman looks at Jason Varitek’s strong case for being named an AL All Star. John Tomase looks at how the Marlins miss Kevin Millar. Steve Britt looks ahead to the road trip for the Red Sox. Thomas Stinson provides a view from Atlanta of how the Sox new ownership is faring in their second year at the helm. Edes’ notebook looks at a few of the red hot months that several Red Sox players posted in June. Silverman’s notebook looks at the All Star balloting.

Shira Springer looks at the Celtics with free agency starting today. Danny Ainge says nothing is close to happening with Walker in the article. Carolyn Thornton looks at the Walker to NY rumors. Speaking of NY, the Post today reports that:

As for the report three weeks ago in a Boston paper the Knicks were one of three teams inquiring about Antoine Walker, only Latrell Sprewell could make it work and he's of no interest to the Celtics.

Steve Conroy looks at the start of NHL free agency. Kevin Paul Dupont wonders if Dominik Hasek’s return to the Red Wings will have any ripple effects on the Bruins. Conroy’s notebook looks at a new two year deal for PJ Stock.

Lenny Megliola provides blips from an idle mind…Joe Sullivan notes the differences between a soccer mom and the mom of a professional wrestler.

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