Greg Dickerson (filling in for Dale) and Bob Neumeier continued the Antoine Walker trade talk, and also talked a lot of Red Sox. Gabe Kapler was a guest, and after the interview, Dickerson gushed that that was the most impressive and outstanding interview with an athlete that he’s ever been associated with. Kapler could quickly replace Trot Nixon as the media favorite around here…

They also discussed the Sox bullpen issues, and the changes afoot. Is Ramiro Mendoza going to be able to do anything as a starter? Can Kim be the closer they need? Who is available in a trade? Is Nomar going to be traded? One caller said Nomar is the best player in the history of the Red Sox, better than Ted Williams.

My favorite Avatar from the message board:

The AP is reporting that Miami has decided to join the ACC.

A moment of silence is in order for former Brockton Enterprise Sports editor Pete Farley, who passed away last night at the age of 82. Bill Abramson has an extensive remembrance of Farley, who at one time, covered the beats of all four professional franchises in town.

Mike Fine looks at the return of Chad Fox, and the rest of the bullpen issues for the Sox. Bob Buckley looks at yesterday’s win by the Sox, with some members of the team a little testy towards the media’s negativity. Garry Brown says Grady Little is fed up with the Bullpen, just like the rest of us. Alan Greenwood says Gabe Kapler’s debut weekend for the Sox has the trappings of a Robert Redford movie. Fine’s notebook also looks at Kapler.

Clark Spencer looks at the weekend from the Marlins point of view, which shattered most of their dubious club records. Jack McKeon continued to be steamed from Friday night:

Noting the Red Sox had lost ground to the Yankees in the American League East over the weekend, McKeon remarked: 'I'd love to beat 'em today and the Yankees to win, so I can say, `You woke us up you [expletive] -- too bad.' ''

Get over it, Jack.

Russ Conway’s extensive Hockey Notes from yesterday focus on the free agent signing period.

Michael Felger has a Patriots report for The Sporting News website, and looks at Eugene Wilson and competition for David Patten as the # 2 receiver.