Chris Collins of NECN is reporting more on the Celtics efforts to trade Antoine Walker. He has a source telling him of a new three way deal that has been proposed, involving the Celtics, Knicks and Lakers. Celtics would deal Walker and end up with a Knicks # 1 pick, a Lakers # 1 pick and Robert Horry. The Lakers were really pushing for this deal, but there was a problem with including Horry in the deal, as there was a deadline for the option in his contract which was missed and now Horry is a free agent. The source went on to say that this deal is all Ainge, and against the wishes of Jim O’Brien, who fears any trade involving Antoine will only net 50 cents on the dollar. Ainge is running into trouble getting value for Walker because “everyone around the league knows that Ainge hates Walker’s game and is desperate to trade him.”

Collins had the good sense on Sports LateNight to declare that trade “garbage” for the Celtics. He has a hard time believing that that Celtics can improve without Antoine Walker.