If there was any doubt that the early season struggles of Nomar and Lowe are over, David Heuschkel says they should be totally erased now. Bob Hohler adds Kevin Millar into that mix as the bats got hot once again last night. Jeff Horrigan says the effortless dominance of Lowe was the story of the game. Steven Krasner says the Tiger are proving the perfect tonic for the Sox. Brian Fleming provides the Metro Cliff Notes game story. Aaron Harlan says the outfielders might as well sit down when Lowe is pitching well. Tony Massarotti makes the case for Nomar remaining in Boston for his whole career…the park is made for him, the fans appreciate unique talents. Gordon Edes has an interesting article in which he looks at the minor leaguers that have been traded since last year, and how they’re faring elsewhere. Most have struggled, Edes uses these as examples of what Theo will be looking at when he makes a deal in the coming weeks, which will most likely include some of his best prospects. Theo and the Sox have done a good job the last couple years of not giving away phenoms in deals. Michael Silverman looks at Kevin Millar, who continues to pile up the numbers. Millar gets praised now, but does anyone remember the furor over the Sox claiming him over the winter? Eddie Andelman was declaring that Theo could be causing an international incident…and he was serious…baseball experts said Millar was a nice platoon player, but not an everyday type, nor anything special. Harlan also has a bit on Steve Avery, clinging to life in the Majors. Kevin Gray reports on Sox ownership visiting Manchester, NH to announce New Hampshire Day at Fenway. Owner John Henry also addressed many topics concerning the club, including his belief that Nomar, Pedro and Manny will all be here in 2005. Other topics included a trade in the next month, and that the team is looking to add seating at Fenway at the roof box level. Dan Shaughnessy weighs in on the idea of the Bruce Springsteen concert at Fenway, and attempts to connect passages in songs to Boston events and places. Of course, he uses his last line to tell us that the Sox will be out of it in September:

And chances are that by Sept. 6 it'll be time for Bruce to tell us that ''summer's long, but I guess it ain't very sweet around here anymore.''

Silverman looks at preparations being made to protect the Fenway field during that concert. As the Big O calls him, The Hard Hitting Michael Gee says the Tigers are made to face teams in slumps. Krasner’s notebook says that Wakefield might be able to make his next turn in the rotation. Hohler’s notebook looks at the addition of Gabe Kapler. Horrigan’s notebook also reports on Kapler and updates the other injured Sox. Heuschkel’s notebook has similar items.

The NBA draft is tomorrow night and the intrigue continues. Danny Ainge met with the media yesterday Peter May looks at what Ainge and the Celtics could be looking at with picks 16 & 20. I guess Peter doesn’t feel as strongly about anyone this year yet as he did about Tony Parker. Steve Bulpett says no on the roster is untouchable in terms of a trade, including Pierce. Christopher Price reports on Ainge’s session with the media yesterday. Lenny Megliola looks at the Celtics needs, which is just about everything. Mark Murphy runs through a few of the big men the Celtics might be looking at. Bulpett’s notebook has Vin Baker set to play in some games around the country this summer. Shira Springer has Ainge just hoping things fall into place.

Dale & Neumy did talk about the HBO Real Sports segment last night that dealt with Ted Williams and the battle over his remains. Dale got a little mixed up though, when he said the video that showed Ted saying he wanted his ashes scattered with those of his dog Slugger scattered over the Keys was dated six months after the note produced by John Henry and Claudia Williams which said they with their dad wanted to be frozen, in actuality the video came six months after Ted’s appearance at the All Star game at Fenway in ’99. The date of the video was December 20, 1999. The note was dated November 2, 2000. He did correctly mention the caretakers of Ted who said one of them was with Ted for 24 hours a day during the time that the note was supposedly signed by Ted, as he was in the hospital, and that he most definitely did not sign anything during that time…

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