Just in case you missed the resolution of the big teaser that D&C had this morning, which they hyped up as a national network story, and just cannot get any work done until you find out what it was, the news was that Lisa Guerrero has joined Monday Night Football as a sideline reporter. They had her on as a guest.

Lots of ACC/Big East talk on both WEEI and WWZN, with a little Celtics talk going on WWZN as well. Jim O’Brien was on with Eddie Andelman, and part of the conversation involved Kedrick Brown, who O’Brien says they expect big things of next year. He’s a very hard worker, great person and high basketball IQ. O’Brien admitted that he’s a guy who goes with veterans and tries to win everygame, and that Brown would’ve likely developed much quicker on a team that put him out there for 15-20 every game during his first two years.

Tony Massarotti admitted that Grady Little is not in the upper echelon of managers in the Major Leagues. He said he doesn’t think he’s that good of an in-game manager.

Dale thinks the Big East is D.O.A. with the defection of Miami and Virginia Tech.

Bill Simmons pumps up Luke Walton. (By the way, did anyone else hear Gerry Callahan say “I will now light myself on fire” this morning?) Mike Fine previews the NBA Draft for the Celtics. Part one looks at the mindset of Ainge and the Celtics going in. He lists out his Busts and Booms from Celtics drafts of their history. In the part two of his preview, he looks at some possible picks for the Celtics. Jim Fenton looks Danny Ainge’s own experience with the draft and what he is facing now. Rob Bradford also looks ahead to the draft. Scott Van Voorhis says the Celtics are looking for more investors…but it’s not about the money.

Del Jones looks at how critical Derek Lowe is to the Sox success. Bob Stern says the sleeping giant was awoken last night. Alan Greenwood says the Tiger’s downfall started on the first pitch of the night.