Talk on radio today has consisted of more Clemens talk, some hockey notes by Dale & Neumy and general Nomar and Red Sox discussion, some of which involved whether Nomar should’ve bunted yesterday and taken the bat out of his own hands and that of Manny. (had Manny been walked…something callers say any manager except Jimy would’ve done.) Talk about useless discussion. A few people want to bash Nomar for anything. On the other hand, Neumeier was making the case this morning that Nomar should be the starting shortstop in the All Star Game…over ARod. He says Nomar’s offensive statistics this year are superior and he is simply the better player right now, this season. On 1510, Eddie had Walter McCarty saying that felt he took a hometown discount last year to remain with the Celtics and does not want to do that again. Adios, Walter.

Steve Buckley and Michael Felger were on the Big Show, first topic was of course, Roger, and Buckley’s fascination with him.

A couple Roger notes…for $3.95 you can download the entire 300 win game from to your hard drive or burn it to a CD. Steve Buckley and Dan Shaughnessy are harassing their computer knowledgeable friends to get this game for them. Peter King, in a bit discussed on Dale & Neumy weighs in on the Roger hat issue:

I think it is sad for sports that the Yankees bought Clemens' affections when 90 percent of the rest of baseball couldn't afford to take such an expensive risk on an aging player. But I also think Clemens should be able to make the decision which hat his bust will have on it.

This Monday Morning QB article, the last before his four week vacation before training camp, contains only a little football, but instead has all other sports and subjects.

I think it’s interesting that so much has been made by Roger about the Yankees and their tradition and how wonderful they are, that Roger actually passed by George & Co., when he was a free agent, instead choosing the long glorious tradition of the Toronto Blue Jays, who incidentally offered him more money than the Yankees did at that time…someone pointed this out to me in the last couple days…but as my mind is going, I can’t give proper credit..

Mark Farinella, AKA tagboard poster ___________ weighs in on Roger’s 300th, calling out the fans:

To any baseball fan outside of Boston, this region's fanatical Roger-bashing must appear to be the height of stupidity. Yet around here, it's a Red Badge of Courage to proudly tout your hatred of all things Clemens to whomever might listen -- the same treatment a lot of football fans have given Drew Bledsoe since his departure, I might add.

Bad comparison. I know very few people who have any venom towards Drew, who had more class in the pin in his finger than Roger has in his whole body. The biggest difference between Drew and Roger? Right here. Keep in mind that Drew was traded…and did that, while Roger left on his own accord and couldn’t, and still can’t be bothered to acknowledge his supporters back here.

On DirtDogs, they’re asking us to boycott W.B. Mason for “The Truth About Ruth” ads NESN keeps running, shoving the “curse” down our throats.

Mike Fine looks at Nomar and his surprise bunt. Alan Greenwood looks at the ridiculousness of some trade talk.