A very spotty internet connection caused the links to be delayed a bit this morning. Michael Silverman says the Sox and Astros seemed determined to deliver a tie for father’s day. The bullpen was the story in this one, and not for the wrong reasons. Bob Hohler looks at the great effort by the relievers. Sean McAdam says yesterday was a little payback by the bullpen at long last. Mike Anthony says it was a pretty odd ballgame all around. Alex Speier gives us the rundown on yesterday. Chad Finn says the Red Sox are managing despite their manager. Mike Shalin chats with Mike Timlin, who has stepped up to be one of the leaders out in the pen, and who is very proud of his group’s effort yesterday. Joe Burris also looks at Timlin and the bullpen. Manny had the clutch game winning hit in the 14th, this coming because Jimy opted to pitch to him, instead of go around him and facing the red hot David Ortiz. Rich Thompson looks at Jimy’s decision. Paul Harber says it took some time, but Manny did finally deliver. In the first of a five part series on drugs in MLB, Howard Bryant looks at whether the records of the last eight years have been tainted by the use of drugs. In a pay column, George Kimball looks at the decision by Nomar to try and bunt for a base hit in the 14th. Bryant has a pay column in which he says the Red Sox need to strike first…again…in the trade market in order to separate themselves from the Yankees. The only player he mentions is Urbina. He also has some NBA finals talk, looking at the top 12 clutch playoff performers of the last 25 years. (No Tim Duncan? two rings, both going through Shaq, isn’t to be sneezed at.) John Tomase has Jeff Bagwell reflecting on Boston. Bob Halloran makes the case that Roger Clemens is the great pitcher of all time. Steve Britt says that Nomar is willing to do whatever it takes to win. Hohler’s notebook says Nomar’s bunt caught Grady by surprise. Silverman’s notebook looks at how Grady got the gate for the second time this year. McAdam’s notebook reaffirms that it was Nomar’s choice to lay down the bunt. Anthony’s notebook also looks at Little’s ejection and the effect the sun had on the outfielders.

I had a bunch more NBA and US Open links originally, but my browser crashed as I was finishing, and I lost all my changes. So now I’m going to quick link mode…

Steve Bulpett has a couple Celtics related items in his notebook. He mentions the team sending a piece of the parquet to a gracious and grateful David Robinson, and has Rodney Rogers giving Danny Ainge a vote of approval on taking over the Celtics. Peter May managed to get through a day without any Duncan/Parker?Celtics references, and only recommends that the Celtics look at Speedy Claxton. Had to love the Walker-esque 3 for 23 shooting by Kenyon Martin, giving him a 5-31 for 10 points over the last two games of the finals, along with the stupid shove of his defender after getting the ball stolen from him.

Bob Ryan points out that Jim McCabe predicted that Jim Furyk would win the US Open.

David Borges recommends WFAN over WEEI, if you can get it in. (Scroll down in the article)

It’s now the beginning of the baseball only period of summer. NESN has Red Sox/White Sox at 8:00. ESPN has Cubs/Reds at 7:00.