Talk all afternoon on WEEI has almost been more about the Yankees than it has been about the Red Sox. The Yankees struggles and inner turmoil are a source of fun talk by the WEEI crew. Throughout the afternoon, there were inning by inning updates of the Yankees/Astros game, with updates on where George was sitting, was he by himself, where Brian Cashman was, what he was doing….speculation about the job security of Joe Torre and Cashman was rampant. On the Dale & Neumy show, callers were hoping for Torre to get fired so the Sox could fire Grady and bring in Torre. Dale mentioned that NY writers think that 71 year old Whitey Herzog is already being lined up to replace Torre if things come to that. Peter Gammons on the Big Show reported about the Sox interest in Armando Benitez, and what it would take to obtain him. No one on the panel (LJ, McAdam) brought up any concerns about Benitez to Gammons, but they expressed their fear and dislike of the idea of bringing him here at other points in the show. A Pete Sheppard man-on-the-street interview with Tom Brady who was at Fenway to take batting practice filled out the four o’clock hour. A few examples of Pete’s hard hitting questions were…does Tom regret not signing with the Expos to play baseball, if he’d get a bigger thrill out of taking batting practice at Fenway or Olympic Stadium in Montreal, and if he could beat Lawyer Milloy in a race around the bases.

Among the other head scratching items spouted by Ted Sarandis during last nights diatribe that Sox fans shouldn’t be consumed with whether the Sox win or lose, was his proclamation that he enjoys watching a Pittsburgh/San Francisco baseball game every bit as much as a Red Sox game. He’s a fan of baseball, and so should all of us be.

Mike Fine pulls no punches when it comes to Pedro. He doesn’t like him, and isn’t afraid to tell you that Pedro is nothing but a whining prima donna:

After yet another milestone in his outstanding yet flawed career, it doesn't figure to take Martinez very long to revert to his prima donna persona - the Pedro who thinks he's God's gift to us all and damned if he's not going to let us know it every chance he gets.

Fine goes on to say in wrapping up the article:

On the other hand, a rejuvenated, reconstituted Martinez could turn him back into the insufferable prima donna that dictates his egotism and sense of overriding supremacy.

Rob Bradford has a slightly more tempered look at Pedro, in which he has Dave Wallace relating his first experience with a then-teenaged Pedro. Bill Simmons pays tribute to his Dad. Speaking of Simmons…that Jimmy Kimmell halftime bit during last night’s Spurs/Nets game was pretty funny. You knew it was a setup all along, but were just waiting for the punchline.