Sox steamroll the Cardinals while the Yankees can’t muster a single hit off any of the six pitchers that Jimy Williams and the Astros trotted out in Yankee Stadium. Gotta love it. What will happen today down in NY? Hitting coach sacrificed? Should be interesting. Pedro looked good in his three inning stint, and David Heuschkel notes that after his first three pitches, John Burkett wasn’t too shabby over six innings, either. Sean McAdam says Pedro was a boost to the whole squad. Jeff Horrigan looks at the reassuring performance by Martinez, as well as another impressive offensive performance capped by a 4-6 for Johnny Damon. Bob Hohler says that “if Allen Iverson is The Answer, then Pedro Martinez almost certainly is The Cure.” Lenny Megliola says this Pedro guy is pretty good. Where’d he come from? He talked to the media after game? Amazing. Alex Speier says Pedro had all his weapons working last night. Despite word that Bruce Springsteen may play at Fenway later this year, Tony Massarotti says The Boss was working the park last night, wearing # 45. Aaron Harlan says the Cardinals are glad to not have to face Pedro again. Dan Shaughnessy says Pedro is always saying dumb things and is babied like no other player in baseball history, and wonders why the fans still love the Sox ace. Maybe because when he’s healthy, he’s like no other pitcher in baseball history, Dan. It’s not Rocket science…As for Burkett, Michael Silverman says he was so effective that, like the Angels earlier this year, the Cardinals started asking for the ball to be checked because they thought he must be doing something to it. After a couple of these, Burkett tired of the inquiries:

During his seventh-inning at-bat, Eduardo Perez asked Fletcher to check the ball. Burkett promptly flipped it in disgust toward the ball boy and then looked into the Cardinals' dugout, purposefully wiped his fingers on the bill of his cap, as if to lube up, and gave the new ball an exaggerated rub.

Good stuff. Mess with them a little. If Johnny Damon goes on a hot streak here, he’ll likely be spending a lot of money at Home Depot. Why? Joe Burris and Joe McDonald explain that picking up some gardening equipment was part of his pregame activities yesterday, and as he went 4-6, he’s likely to do it all over again. Gordon Edes says Dave Wallace is content to play things safe concerning Pedro. Burris looks at an expanded role for David Ortiz. Speier has a piece on Albert Pujols, the dominant offensive force in the NL. Harlan also looks at the Cardinals slugger, who he calls “the hardest working player in the major leagues.” Steve Buckley’s pay column is 750 words about how last night the Sox got good pitching and good hitting in the same game. Horrigan’s notebook looks at Robert Person heading to the DL, and that he may be “stretched out” to return to Boston as a starter after he recovers. Hohler has a similar lede to his notebook. McAdam’s notebook also looks at Fossum and Person heading to the DL, has a note on Urbina, and a Chad Fox update. Heuschkel’s notebook has the DL lede, and then looks at possible sign-stealing going on between the Sox and Cardinals.

Don Amore looks at the Yankees meltdown against the Astros last night, which resulted in the Yankees locker room being closed for 15-20 minutes after the game ad Joe Torre saying “It was terrible … it was one of the worst games I’ve ever been involved in” Amore wonders if this is rock bottom for the Yankees, or if there are lower lows they can achieve. The Yankees showed class though, in providing a bottle of champagne for each of the six Astros pitchers who worked in the game. As mentioned on the tagboard, the Wall Street Journal has a front page story on the Yankees TV revenue. It’s for subscribers only, but the “tease” for the article reads:

The owners of the New York Yankees have tried to wring every last TV dollar out of their franchise by forming a holding company with two other teams and starting a sports network, but lower-than-expected returns and internal tensions threaten to rend the partnership.

I’ve meant to link to this for a couple days now, but keep forgetting to throw it in here. There is a pretty extensive Bill James interview on Slate. It mostly deals with MoneyBall, but there are some interesting Sox references in there.

John Powers has an article on Red Auerbach for tonights Sports Museum “The Tradition” awards. He looks at what brought Red to Boston, and how he grew the Celtics franchise. If you know anything about the Celtics, you know all this stuff, but it’s always interesting to read it all again. Christopher Price says Danny Ainge likes what he is seeing from Troy Bell in workouts and the guard from BC is going to be a guy the Celtics consider seriously. Steve Bulpett reports that with Kobe Bryant nursing a bad shoulder, Paul Pierce could get a call to replace him on the national team. Lets hope not. Pierce needs to rest up this summer.

Bob Ryan has changed his stripes. No, he isn’t now lobbying for Joumana Kidd to get the Monday Night Football sideline gig, he wants to see Phil Mickelson – a guy he “once scorned” – win a major. Luke Meredith rants on Rick Neuheisel, the Sox pitching and Torri Hunter.

The Big East/ACC saga just will not end. Paul Doyle notes that should the ACC plan fall through, the Big East will have some serious fences to mend. Mark Blaudschun says the ACC vote will be delayed until next week at the earliest. Matt Eagan looks at the Big East lawsuit. Mike Shalin also weighs in on the stalled talks.

I’m pumped and jacked, as I’ve been able to restore the complete archives of BSMW. I had thought they were lost forever. But now, on the Archives page, you can see the entire month-by-month history of this site. On June 12th last year, Glenn Ordway was saying the Sox should shut Pedro down for the year and preserve him for the playoffs, Dan Shaughnessy was using terms eerily similar to a NY Times piece from a couple days before, and the Pittsburgh Steelers were yapping about the Patriots.

NESN has Red Sox/Cardinals at 7:00.