The Guest columns have stopped coming in. Perhaps the mailbag will become the weekend feature for the future. Think of them as “mini-columns”.

Dan weighs in on the Globe/Ryan situation and the Boston media brotherhood:

There really is nothing like the "Brotherhood" of the sports media in Boston.

That sound you here is the medial circling the wagons to protect one of their own.

Be it driving into Florian Hall or driving the wrong way in Kenmore Square several years ago - that's okay - he's one of us

Or, if you've developed a relationship with the middleweight champion and it turns out he regularly beat his wife Bertha and was a cokehead don't ever talk about it all. He's your buddy.

Perhaps you've made fun of a movie star but you get the opportunity for your wife to meet him. That's okay he's a good guy because he did ME a favor.

It all goes back to what Tony Massarotti had in his column a week ago Sunday. "The media in this town take themselves way to seriously and are hardly ever held accountable for anything they say or do."

Finally, someone was.

Congratulations Boston Globe I'd like to renew my subscription!

Well said Dan. Thanks for the thoughts.

Steve O’Brien (apparently no relation to Jim) says that Peter May… just an absolute jerk he has been trying to get Antoine out of town since he's been here. The love feast over O'Brien is sickening with the Globe writers. Here is a coach who wouldn't play the best pure athlete on the team because he was an inconsistent shooter from the arc, are you kidding me. Well Ainge has already said he wants athletes, wing players slashers I guess that describes Kedrick Brown. If it was up to me OB would have been fired and I'm tired of hearing what a nice family man he is. I want a coach that knows how to coach NBA players.

I’ve said it before, and will again, O’Brien has done a solid job, but his weaknesses are developing young players and coaching offense. If Ainge can get the importance of those things through to the coach, then the Celtics will be in good hands.

John from the tagboard checks in:

BRUCE, I'm reading what you said about the media responsibility "partially" towards Carl Everett and his treatment in Boston... and what a load of garbage. It just shows how Bruce can tie the word blame to almost anything with the media. And I have no connections to the media, I don't even like everything anyone does. But Peter Gammons said it best on ESPN last night and former ballplayers and managers on the set agreed, "When you call all the people in Boston racist (among other things), that's what you get!"

It's funny, Bruce can read all the ridiculous things Everett says about Boston, similar to Byron Scott, and the hate Everett spews.. But it's all the "Boston media that spreads the hate, they're telling us to not like Carl Everett." Yeah Bruce, like I need the media in Boston to help me dislike Carl Everett. Did you read what HE said about Boston? I've even heard him say some of those things at the ballpark to some fans. He got laughed at.

A little more tempered email comes from Tim, also disagrees with me:

As for your comments this AM regarding Carl Everett and the Boston Media, you have to keep in mind that Carl does things to draw attention to himself in this incidents as well. He's been baiting the fans in rightfield this whole homestand. It's been small things, but done consistently he raises the ire of fans till the less intelligent/drunk respond with more than yelling and booing. An example of Carl's ability to annoy fans and draw their attention, after catching the final out Tuesday night in front of the Texas bullpen he turned toward the bleachers, held the ball up to show he was going to toss it in the stands, something most outfielders do these days, then tossed the ball in the air, but soft enough so that it landed in the Texas bullpen. A small thing in the course of the night, but repeated by a guy already the target of the crowd and you see the stimulus provided the less inhibited fans later in the evening. Not to excuse their behavior at all of course, but I have yet to read anything about Carl's responsibility in this at all, either the fans got out of control, or now your blaming the media as well.

I'm not a great writer and I'm rushing to get this done here at work, but I hope you understand my point. Let Carl shoulder some of the blame for things getting out of hand here last night.

Couple comments on these. Everett is absolutely the most responsible for how he is treated here. He has brought this upon himself. The problem I have with it is again the tendancy by the media around here to pile on. Everett didn’t make negative comments about the fans while he was here. He had a war with the media. The media now takes every opportunity they have to slam this guy, to remind everyone what a terrible person he is, that he is a monster and “nutjob”. People have done worse things on the field and in the clubhouse than Carl has done, but they don’t get the treatment that Everett gets from the media. The media does have power over the fans, and they’ve exerted it here, All the fans read is what an awful person he is, and it does influence their treatment of him. When Carl was here, he hustled down the line every at bat, played hurt and brought a fearless intensity to the club on the field that was needed.

George concludes the discussion on this topic:

I enjoyed and agreed with your "soapbox" presentation on media nastiness, but definitely think you're understating the case. The media is MUCH more than a "small" factor in what happened to Everett at Fenway last night, although they would be the last to admit it. The most detestable trait of the Boston media is their practice of creating a negative, cheap sentiment and then putting the blame on the Boston fans for being (take your pick) pessimistic, gloom and doom, fickle, low brow. The reality is that Boston sports media is all of these and more - throw in narrow minded, stubborn, and hopelessly insulated. I cite Dan (Dr. Doom) Shaughnessy as Exhibit A. These idiots are not the type to police themselves. That's why your work is so important. Keep it up!

Thanks George. That’s a wrap for the mailbag this week.