Sox win in a blowout, Pedro’s ok, and the Lakers are eliminated from the playoffs. I call that a good night. Michael Silverman reports on the game, Pedro’s gem and his groin. Bob Hohler says it was a night of Fenway fun. Paul Kenyon says finally Pedro is getting the type of run support the other pitchers have been getting. Lenny Megliola says the game last night was all about Pedro and Carl Everett. Christopher Price looks at the sweep of the Rangers by the Sox. Tom Yantz says Pedro’s who repertoire was on display, the zip on his fastball, the drop of the changeup and the bite of the curve. Kevin Gray looks at the masterful performance of Pedro last night. Dan Shaughnessy though, says Pedro’s health is a mystery, since he won’t talk. He then moves on to his favorite topic, Carl Everett, who had things thrown at him last night and needed to be removed from the game for his own safety. The Everett incidents where the other big topic from the game. John Powers reports on the ugly situation, Mike Shalin notes that the one who threw the baseball at Everett was arrested. Kenyon says the incidents in Chicago with fans coming onto the field has made them all a bit wary.

This situation begs the question. What culpability does the media have in what happened to Everett last night? Ridiculous? Some of you will no doubt say that. (Many of you associated with the media, especially) There goes Bruce, blaming the media once again. I’ll make this clear. I’m not saying the media is at fault for a few pinheads who booze it up and think it’s cool to throw stuff at a player. But when the media, especially this media, spends so much time telling us what an awful guy Carl Everett is, and say hateful things about him in newspapers, on radio and TV, the clear indication given is that you too should hate this man if you are at all a decent human being. They stoke up the flames of hatred towards this man. Does all that type of media coverage have anything to do with how Everett was treated last night? I think it has to be considered a factor, even if it is a small one. Other players have certainly done worse things in their lives than Everett has done, but he gets the special treatment. Why? Is it because he is almost a year round topic among the media in this market? Shaughnessy today does his best to distance himself from the situation, even joking that he was nowhere near the area from which the debris that hit Everett came, but if something worse had happened last night, he should’ve been taking a long look at himself and how what he says and writes influences other people’s opinions and even their actions.

Ok, down from the soapbox. Back to your regularly scheduled links. Gordon Edes has a look at Roger Clemens as he preps to go for win # 299 tonight. A mini-controversy is brewing as to whether the Yankees will give Roger an extra day of rest to allow him to go for # 300 at home in NY. That could all be moot if the Yankees game tonight gets rained out, which is at least a possibility. Karen Guregian takes the arguments discussed on sports radio yesterday and uses them to compose her column today. How it makes sense from a business sense for the Yankees to hold Clemens back a day. Roger would even prefer to go for it at Yankee Stadium, etc. Yesterday, John Tomase had the first in a two part cover story on Roger Clemens. Nick Cafardo gets Jim Rice to talk about Roger as a teammate and his thoughts on going for win # 300. The Globe has a Peter Gammons archived article from Clemens first major league win available. Jim Donaldson says fans love to worry about Pedro. This is an alternative to the “Red Sox fans love to be miserable” theme that is so tired. Christopher Price looks at how Fenway is home sweet home for the Sox so far this year. Powers also looks at the purchase of the Angels by Mexican-American Arturo Moreno, making him the first Latino owner of a US professional sports franchise. Rich Thompson looks at the Red Sox leader in slugging percentage…Mann….errr…Bill Mueller. Cafardo also looks at Mueller’s extra base barrage. Mueller is also the first topic in Kenyon’s notebook. Yantz’s notebook has more on Everett, while Silverman’s notebook has Larry Lucchino hinting that pitching help will be acquired at some point. Hohler’s notebook focuses on whether Lucchino is mad that the Yankees might hold Clemens off for a day and have him miss Fenway.

Chad Finn defends Antoine, saying that trading the Celtics cocaptain would be a mistake, he says not only should Danny Ainge not be making any phone calls to trade Walker, he shouldn’t accept any, either. Mark Murphy says the new Celtics owners are willing to admit they’ve made a number of mistakes in this their first season in charge of the club. Shira Springer reports on Vin Baker, who is entering the “transition” phase of his rehab treatment. Jackie MacMullan says that the new Charlotte franchise is interested in adding ML Carr as a consultant. Are they looking for advice on how to tank a season and still not manage to get the # 1 pick in the draft? Bill Reynolds wonders if Monday night was the last time we’ll see Antoine as a Celtic. Ray Duckler remembers Dave DeBusschere.

Tom Curran has a quick notebook about the Patriots being close to a deal with LB Don Davis.

Bill Griffith reports on WEEI making paycuts to Big Show co-hosts. John Molori gets quotes from Fred Smerlas, who says he has resigned from the show. Griffith also reports on Sean McDonough’s last day at WWZN yesterday. He left quietly, didn’t go off the show with guns blazing. Jim Baker doesn’t have the WEEI information, brushes quickly past the McDonough departure, and focuses on Joe Buck and Tim McCarver trashing closer by committee. Clark Booth touches on a myriad of topics, including his belief that the Celtics should “dump” Antoine Walker for getting into it with a fan.

UPN38 has Red Sox/Angels at 7:00. ESPN has Pistons/Sixers at 7:30, and Wild/Mighty Ducks at 10:30. TBS has Braves/Padres at 10:00