Yes indeed, it is time for March Madness. Here at BSMW, there will be our version, pitting 64 Boston sports media members against one another in NCAA tournament style brackets and seedings. It was shockingly easy to come up with 64 names from this area, I could’ve likely gone to 96 or higher. You can check out the full field of 64 or see Regions one and two, or Regions three and four. If you find yourself really into this…(why on earth would you be?) you can even download your own copy of the brackets, (They’re in an Excel file) and fill them out and return them via email to me. I may even compile them and publish your results. The plan for now is for me to pick the winners, announcing them each day games are actually played in the NCAA tournament, weekend games will be pushed to Monday & Tuesday of the following week. I’ll give short explanations for each of the picks. So if enough people turn in brackets I may end up having two versions of the tournament to publish in the end. Mine, and yours.

The Number one seeds for each of the four regions are as follows:

Region one: Bob Lobel

Region two: Bob Ryan

Region three: Gerry Callahan

Region four: Glenn Ordway

Some glaring snubs by the committee…Dave Jageler, Jon Wallach, Craig Mustard, Larry Johnson, Steve Nelson, All early favorites for the BSMW NIT…

Seedings, and ultimately victories are judged on a few factors…Profile, influence, experience, and talent. I think this is more of a power rankings type tournament than a popularity poll or talent contest. Some very talented people ended up with very low seeds, simply because they’re not “power brokers” on the sports media scene in Boston. Others with less talent, or washed up talent rank higher, simply because they still exert a lot of influence in the market.

You can check out the rest of the seedings on one of the links above. I don’t think I need the disclaimer, but yes, this is all strictly for recreational purposes.