No games to talk about from last night, might as well lead with what a lot of people are going to talk about, that is John Molori’s interview with Mike Adams. Adams speaks harshly of 1510 GM Mike Kellogg as well as his producer on the show. A great read, for sure, and I admit to being a Mike Adams fan, I wanted his show to succeed. I still think it could have, had he gotten the proper support and people around him. A big “but” though…Adams takes zero responsibility upon himself for the failure of the show. Never once does he accept any bit of the blame. He admits to perhaps slowing down “towards the end” because he says he wasn’t getting paid and there was no promotion for the show. Maybe he did take some blame and it wasn’t interesting enough to include in the interview. This isn’t the first time that Adams has left a media outlet under ugly circumstances. He is smart enough, however, to always be in the good graces of WEEI.

If you really want to tick off Gerry Callahan tell him that you’ll need to continue to have sports in your life during a war as a “diversion” or “an escape”. If you see him at the store or in the gym, just casually mention that to him. We’ll likely have him committed by the weekend. A highlight of the morning was Dino calling Gerry “Saddam Callahan” for his diatribes this morning. Meterparel has broken out the Princeton offense in an effort to upset the # 1 seeded Callahan.

Looks like the Herald has started its practice of charging for the privilege of reading its columnists online. I plan on getting a subscription for the columns, so I will be keeping you up to date on these items in the future.

After Peter Gammons gushed about Manny’s conditioning this spring on Dale & Neumy yesterday, the silent slugger is also the focus of a couple of articles this morning. Gordon Edes reports on Manny’s souped up set of wheels, and his conditioning to match. He’s been tearing up the ball, making spectacular catches in the field, and is, dare we say…comfortable. Michael Silverman also weighs in on Manny, wondering if his vow not to speak to the media is helping him focus on his play. You get the feeling from Nomar’s quotes in the article, that he almost wistfully wishes he came up with that idea. Nomar has one quote that sort of sums up the local media pretty well:

``I've seen guys on our team go back to the city where they used to play, and they see some guy from the local media and they go over there and give them a big hug and all, and I'm like, `Huh?' That's hard for me to imagine, but then they might just have four or five guys around their team all the time and we have like 20 or something.''

Yeah, somehow I don’t picture Carl Everett coming back here and giving Shaughnessy a big hug. Sean McAdam looks at the decision making process for arriving at the final 25 man roster. Alex Speier looks at the pressure Casey Fossum will continue to operate under in this city. David Heuschkel reports on the Sox win yesterday behind Tim Wakefield, another Sox player having a terrific spring. Don Amore has a look at Roger Clemens recalling painful childhood memories. One was his father second heart attack, the second event was his brother’s draft number coming up for Vietnam. Steve Buckley looks at the 50th anniversary of the Boston Braves leaving town. Edes’ notebook looks at Casey Fossum receiving encouragement and counsel from Tony Cloninger. Silverman’s notebook has an update on the status of contract talks with Derek Lowe, McAdam’s notebook has more on Wakefield becoming the Sox designated St. Patrick’s day starter.

Jim Souhan, in an article from the end of last week, wrote an article comparing the Twins way of doing business to the way the Red Sox do business. Basically knocking and mocking the Sox, while lauding the powerhouse Twins who won one more game than the Sox last year. They love Lew Ford out there, and continue to talk about how the Twins swindled him from the Sox while continuing to tout him as a “top prospect” – despite the fact that the guy is going to turn 27 years old this season and has yet to get a sniff of the majors.

Steve Bulpett says that the Celtics would like to make a statement to the Nets tonight and tie up the season series. Carolyn Thornton details the areas the Celtics are working on to improve against the squad from New Jersey. Marvin Pave looks at the development of JR Bremer as a point guard. Shira Springer looks at the ticket price increase coming next year for the Celtics. Bulpett’s notebook looks at the Celtic players getting their brackets ready.

Dan Shaughnessy writes about the new Bruins Ice Girls. Steve Conroy reports that Jonathan Girard has improved the level of his game since the Bruins newest defensive acquisitions. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell reports that Jeff Hackett will miss the Bruins three game road trip because of the injury to his finger. An injury first reported over the weekend in the Bruins Usenet Newsgroup by an insider going by the handle of “Nice Girl” who has some sort of relationship with someone in the Bruins organization.

Back from vacation, Michael Felger says Tebucky Jones may not show for the offseason conditioning program starting next week…something most suspected…and reports on a visit to the Pats by Andy McCollum. Chad Finn looks at the Patriots moves from last week, and touches on Mark Blount and Boo Hoo Lou

Jackie MacMullan remembers the special group that was the 1973 Providence College basketball team, now 30 years later. Mike Shalin says a day of reflection has done nothing to ease the shock of the Boston College mens team. Mark Blaudshun comments on the NCAA selection process. Joe Sullivan writes about his experience traveling to MSG for the Big East Tournament. Joe Burris writes about the Vermont men team, making its first ever NCAA tournament appearance, while remembering the memory of perhaps the best player in school history Kevin Roberson, who was killed in a car accident 11 years ago. Bill Griffith reports that CBS has made plans to switch the NCAA games to ESPN if war coverage forces interruption of the telecasts.