BC not getting into the NCAA tournament leads off the Monday sports pages. Over the months of this website’s existence, many have written in wanting to scrutinize the writers in the Boston area who cover college sports. Now’s your big chance. Michael Vega looks at the disappointment of the BC mens team, who felt they had done enough to get in. Dennis and Callahan, after of course leading off with war talk, and Callahan calling those who oppose war “communists”, also focused on a quote from Troy Bell in Mike Shalin’s article, where a disappointed Bell says of the NIT: “I’m gonna play, regardless.” They also did a yearly tribute to Butch from the cape. Bob Ryan looks at the BC season, and concludes that the Eagles were not snubbed, there were simply stronger candidates out there. Mark Blaudschun looks at the field of 65 as a whole, and also has brief overviews of the East, South, Midwest and West regionals. Mark Murphy looks at the brackets for the Herald. Rich Thompson reports on Holy Cross and it’s first round matchup with Marquette. Matt Eagan looks at the UConn men fitting in as a 5 seed out in Spokane. Terry Price tells us how to win your (recreational) office pool. Dan Ventura looks at the teams coming to play in Boston at the Fleetcenter. Michael Gee also gives out tips on picking a winner.

Casey Fossum is the focus of the Red Sox media. Michael Silverman looks at the lefthander’s continued struggles, which may be more mental than physical. David Heuschkel says that Fossum is assured of a spot in the rotation, regardless. A question asked by emailer Jason…how come when someone in the media talks about how stupid the Red Sox were not to trade Fossum for Colon, they never mention that Shea Hillenbrand would’ve been a part of that trade as well, and he’s batting .500 this spring? (16 for 32) Can you imagine if they did do the trade, and Hillenbrand was hitting like that in Expos camp? They’d all be saying what a horrible trade to give up Hillenbrand for Colon, who would likely just be here for one year… Sean McAdam looks at the patience of the Sox hitters this spring, and how it is making a difference. Gordon Edes gets comments from Johnny Damon on the situation in Oakland, where they’ve announced they won’t be giving a long term deal to Tejada. Damon is rather pointed in his remarks about the MLB owners, giving the cry of collusion. Alex Speier looks at reliever Bobby Howry. George Kimball looks at a Red Sox PA announcer hopeful, a familiar voice in Carl Beane, who does work for WBZ radio among other outlets. Fossum is the focus of a couple notebooks, In Ede’s notebook, he notes the support Fossum has from Pedro. Edes also takes note that Manny made an exception of not talking to the media when an attractive female reporter who finished second runner-up in the Miss Dominican Republic competition showed up and asked for an interview. Not sure what the purpose of that information is. McAdam’s notebook looks at concern about Fossum. Silverman’s notebook looks at the teams’ “fixation” on on-base percentage and how it’s working out this spring.

Steve Bulpett looks at Chauncey Billups, who still wonders what it would be like if he had stuck around in Boston, especially had Ben Wallace been brought up here too. Peter May looks at Grant Long’s most productive statistical night as a Celtic, Saturday night in Detroit. Bulpett’s notebook says now is the time for the Celtics to start their playoff push.

Stephen Harris looks at a finger injury for Jeff Hackett. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has a look at an uncomfortable and struggling Nick Boynton. Harris’ notebook examines a possible move to forward for Bryan Berard.