Mike Fine produces a feature-like article on Dennis Johnson. He follows the breaks DJ has gotten throughout his life and career. T.J. Simers has a couple shots at DJ and many more at Elgin Baylor.

Eric McHugh reports on the Patriots transactions of yesterday.

With the Bills getting a first round pick from Atlanta for Peerless Price, lets see who is the first to laud Tom Donahoe and say that they were able to get Drew Bledsoe for nothing. They gave up their first round pick this year to the Patriots for Drew, and now have recouped that. The rationalization will be that having Drew as QB inflated the value of Price enough to justify getting a first round pick in return for the receiver. Of course, it will now also be interesting to see how Drew plays without the Price to keep the defenses honest on Eric Moulds.

Alan Greenwood says Manny not talking to the media is no big deal. Kevin Gray reports on the city of Manchester’s continuing efforts to bring a minor league team to the city and how the Red Sox are not being encouraging.

A couple of articles from the SI website. 10 Questions with Theo Epstein and a spring training preview from Lonny Krasnow, who is rather harsh on Epstein. He includes:

In his first three months on the job, the only thing Epstein really has demonstrated is his inability to land a major free agent.

First, Epstein failed to pull the trigger on Cliff Floyd-for-Kevin Millwood deal. The Red Sox settled for draft picks when Floyd signed with the New York Mets.

At the time, the New York Daily News reported this supposed Floyd/Millwood offer. It was quickly shot down by a quote in the Globe of 12/21/02 from Epstein who said: “That’s not legal, a club can’t trade negotiating rights.” Krasnow apparently wasn’t given this information.

The Week That Was wraps up the events of the past seven days in Boston sports.

Not really a Boston or sports article, but I find this piece on the TheSmokingGun website to be very interesting as regards how the media these days is generally lazy, and that TheSmokingGun is consistently “teaching the mainstream media a lesson in how to break news without getting burned.”