Ron Borges had an up and down column today. He uncharacteristically praises the Patriots for their fleecing of the Redskins in the draft pick exchange this week, calling it a “Brink’s job” and a “grand heist”. Borges is one of the few in the media to actually get this story reported correctly. But then when talking about the offer sheet the Buffalo Bills signed Takeo Spikes to, Borges says:

The Bengals have seven days to match Buffalo's offer but made moves that indicated they would not, as they signed linebacker Kevin Hardy and defensive tackle John Thornton. If it chooses not to match Spikes's offer, Cincinnati will get the No. 1 choice Buffalo got from Atlanta, but the Bills feel that no one they'd be drafting would be superior to Spikes.

As pointed out by reader Bill and others, Spikes is the Bengals’ “Transition player”, meaning simply that they would be able to match any offer put to him. They would not receive any compensation for his signing with another team. The Bills therefore would not lose their newly acquired No. 1 choice for signing him. What makes this worse is that in the last part of the last sentence of that group, Borges makes it look like he has talked to someone in the Bills organization and that they don’t mind giving up the pick for Spikes…