Interesting night last night. After most people had left their offices and the computer they were listening to the McDonough Group with, Sean McDonough went on a semi-tirade against various media members in town, calling out those he thinks bring nothing to the table. Among those he mentioned were Steve Buckley and Dan Shaughnessy. The sad thing is, many people here said it was the most entertaining edition of the McDonough Group ever…As for the letter below, it brought a lot of feedback and in some cases remorse. “Hot Dog” apologized and even offered to make a donation to CF research. Others expressed similar sentiments. I’m proud of those guys. I know they’re not bad people, it’s pretty easy to get carried away in something that just has fun intentions. I guess the point here that needs to be realized is that it’s ok to criticize or make fun of Eddie’s show and on-air gaffes. You can even not like him. The line gets drawn when the attacks get personal, and go to his family and accusations are hurled regarding business and charity funds, that can’t substantiated here. The tag board will be monitored more closely, bans will be swifter, and it may even close during times that morons are taking over – there are a few of those out there. NESN’s Globe Sports Plus was your typical Boston sports show. Shaughnessy and Bob Ryan debated Red Sox, Shaughnessy joking with Lobel saying he hoped he wouldn’t get tossed from this show. Was the camera a little unsteady, or was it just that I was so tired? Edes interview with Pedro…I didn’t see. Fell asleep during the Shaugnnessy-Ryan segment. (I was watching the 11:30 replay) You can watch the entire interview as a RealMedia file on the link is not working at the moment.) I see Bill Simmons got a mention from Jimmy Kimmel on his latenight ABC show.

How does a guy who hasn’t scored a goal in 35 games come up with a hat trick? How does that happen? Perhaps the same way a team can start the season 19-4-3-1, and then go 10-22-5-2. The Bruins as a team did something they haven’t done in nearly as many games as well…have an edge and pretty much dominate another team. Kevin Paul Dupont reports on the night of “McIracles”. Steve Conroy and Joe McDonald provide more details on the 4-1 win at the Fleetcenter. The Bruins and their fans hope that Marty McInnis breaking out of his slump with the three straight goals can be symbolic of the team as a whole doing the same. Joe Gordon and Paul Harber report on the Hingham native getting on track. Karen Guregian says that the Bruins should be focusing on the trading deadling, not on firing their coach. Douglas Flynn calls last night’s win one of the strangest of the season. Steve Shields played like he did early in the season, and that is the focus of Conroy’s notebook. Dupont’s notebook provides some injury updates. McDonald’s notebook also looks at Shield’s performance.

Pedro’s first start of the spring was the baseball story of the day. Four stories are lined up on the topic: Bob Hohler says the old swagger of Pedro is back and is evident. Jeff Horrigan looks at a happy Martinez after his appearance on the mound. Sean McAdam says Pedro is night and day compared to where he was at this point last year. In David Heuschkel’s piece, Pedro was his old vintage self after the first inning, and then went on to talk about Casey Fossum, saying the lefty will be a superstar someday. Michael Silverman has a look at Dalton native Matt White. Silverman also looks at Benny Agbayani as he attempts to stick with the big club. From yesterday, John Tomase catches up with Shea Hillenbrand, who can’t quite figure out what’s happening around him. In Hohler’s notebook, he begins with the disclaimer that no one is pushing the panic button on Casey Fossum…but…Robert Person threw yesterday and might the guy to step in at some point if Fossum struggles. Person is also the lead focus of Horrigan’s notebook.

DJ returns to Boston tonight to face the Celtics as a head coach for the first time. Peter May looks at the challenges facing Johnson as well as whether he even has a shot at the job fulltime. Steve Bulpett says DJ is using this trip to Boston to show his players that he knows a little something about winning. Carolyn Thornton also writes about DJ taking over the helm of the sinking Clippers. Michael Muldoon says “The current Celtics management is the runaway league leader in personnel blunders, but one move Chris Wallace and Co. didn’t botch was acquiring J.R. Bremer.” and goes on to examine the surprising rookie. May’s notebook looks at possible backup point guard candidates, while Bulpett’s notebook has word on Vin Baker already talking about coming back. Antoine remains in Baker’s corner.

The Patriots continue to stockpile draft picks. Nick Cafardo says it’s their way of getting younger, and goes on to point out all the “old” guys the Patriots have. The Globe corrects a couple of items in from Carfaro’s article yesterday:

Correction: Because of a reporting error, the college defensive tackle John Thornton attended was incorrect in yesterday's Patriots story. He attended West Virginia. Also, because of an editing error, the school that employs Dave Meggett was incorrect. He is an assistant coach at American International.

Today Cafardo also reports about the 2 Million dollar signing bonus given to Tyrone Poole, which is also incorrect. He adds that they’re just “engaged in discussions” with Orlando Brown, while Kevin Mannix says Brown was right there at the stadium yesterday, working out. Tom Curran adds that the Patriots would “love to have” Brown, who has impressed people with his size, nimbleness, and attitude. In that same article Curran is also mildly critical of the Patriots lack of signings thus far, adding that Tyrone Poole isn’t a huge splash. Michael Parente looks at the departure of Greg Randall.

Stan Grossfeld has a feature article on world class amputee athlete Paul Martin, a member of the US National Amputee Hockey Team. George Kimball looks at the hazards facing the upcoming Masters. Jim Baker looks at whether Tiger’s dominance helps or hinders ratings.

FSNE has Celtics/Clippers at 8:00 (ESPN Nationally) ESPN also has Sixers/Sonics at 10:30. ESPN Classic is showing a whole hour of “Dazzling dunks and basketball bloopers” at 7:00. If you’re my age, you likely recall the “witty” repartee between Marv Albert and Frank Layden in these classics…