A sobering email I just received that I think is worthy of all our consideration:


My name is Mark A________. In 1992 my son Andrew died in my arms at age 17. After years of pain and suffering, Cystic Fibrosis finally took my son's life.

Two years before my son passed away, I wrote Eddie Andelman a letter and told him that my son had CF and was a huge fan of his show and of wrestling. Three months later I was in a limo with Andrew on our way to see WWF wrestling from the first row. After the show, we were taken backstage to meet my son's idol, Hulk Hogan. All of this was arranged by Eddie Andelman (I found out later he paid for most of the night himself). I never cried once while my child was sick, but that night my wife and I could not hold back the tears as our son smiled more than he ever had. When he breathed his last breath, he was wearing his Hulk shirt from that magical night.

Bruce, I tell you this story for a reason. I came across your site after it was mentioned in the Boston Globe. I became a big fan (even though you bash Eddie, you do it fairly and I think the Eddie Memories is 90% funny...because Eddie would probably tell you himself, he cant' remember his phone number).

Now comes the but part..... If you want to say Eddie's show is horrible (on the tag board) that is one thing. However, in the past 3 weeks I have seen Eddie called fat, stupid, a cheater, a stealer, a liar. I have seen his wife Judi bashed. I have seen constant nasty things written about his kids (two of his sons are NOT in sports, his other son, Mike is a part time reporter for Channel 56 and I have yet to see someone make a positive or negative comment about him just nasty things about his family) I broke into tears recently when someone accused Eddie of stealing from charity. For the record, since I work with the CFF (cystic fibrosis foundation), Eddie spends nearly 25k each year of his own money to keep the hot safari going. He has raised over 2 million dollars for CF research.

I think you know 50% if these fradulent and nasty comments come from a man named HOTDOG (who obviously has a grudge with Eddie).

Bruce, you are a talented and hardworking guy, I cannot understand why you feel the need to violate the rules of your tagboard everyday by letting vicious, personal, and vindictive comments about the Andelman family everyday.

I don't know Eddie that well personally, but for the rest of my life I will defend his honor with the same intensity as I would for my son.

I hope you understand why I wrote this letter and how much pain your tag board has caused my family (and i bet hundreds of other families)

Thanks you for listening and I look forward to hearing from you about this letter