Celtics survive another last second three point attempt from the right corner in the final seconds to preserve a win, their eighth straight win over New York. As Steve Bulpett notes, it’s always nice to beat New York. Shira Springer focuses on the huge play of Tony Battie’s block on the follow up of the missed three. Antoine Walker in Carolyn Thornton’s article says he enjoys beating the Knicks and getting some pay back for his early days in the league. Christopher Price reports on the game for the Metro. Mark Murphy caught up with Bill Belichick, who attended the game last night and admires the work of Jim O’Brien. Peter May reports on “The Grousbeck Massacre”, a reference to the agreement drawn up by the Celtics that has taken Vin Baker off the court without pay…for now. May says we shouldn’t expect to see Baker back this season. Lenny Megliola gives credence to the adage that you only need to see the final two minutes of a basketball game. Michael Gee thinks the absence of malice on the part of Celtics fans towards the Knicks is a bad thing. Bulpett’s notebook has the owners talking money, and while they’ve committed to keeping the team together, they’re not looking to add payroll, either. He breaks down the economics of the Baker trade and somehow spins it that it isn’t as bad financially as we all think. The guy isn’t playing…how can it be any worse? Thornton’s notebook looks at the bonus production the Celtics have gotten from JR Bremer this year. Springer’s notebook has word the Celtics may add point guard Bimbo Coles to the roster soon.

Gordon Edes gives us a tease of his one-on-one interview with Pedro Martinez, the full version of which will appear on the much hyped Globe’s “Sportsplus” show premiering on NESN tonight. Jeff Horrigan looks at Casey Fossum’s rough outing yesterday, talk of “they should’ve traded him for Colon” is starting already in the media. David Heuschkel has a look at the silent slugger, Manny Ramirz. I love this story from Alan Embree:

"He's just so locked in that the ball just stops and he squares it wherever it is. He would set guys up in the minors. The guy would throw Manny a breaking ball and he'd act like it fooled him. The guy would throw him the same breaking ball and he'd hit it nine miles."

Manny’s a sly guy at the plate. That’s the type of stuff I want to read about in the paper. Not reporters making themselves the story. Speaking of which, old friend Carl Everett had another media run-in, this time with another guy clearly crying for attention for himself and his paper. John Gonzalez of the Dallas Observer gives a rundown of his encounter with Everett. (Warning, excessive profanity in that piece) Gordon Edes has a second article looking at Sox phenom Kevin Youkilis. John Tomase has a look at the awe that Manny sometimes inspires even in his teammates. As D&C were joking this morning, it looks like Gordon is calling out the Sox for their history of not having Jewish players on their team. That GM Theo Epstein better do something about it and prove he isn’t anti-semitic. Alex Speier talks with Shea Hillenbrand, happy to be here despite the fact that “his club dangled him like one of Michael Jackson