Mike Fine has finally become a card carrying member of the Antoine Walker fan club. He explores Antoine’s maturing process, both on and off the court, and ends the article by saying: “I never thought I’d say this, but, gulp, I love watching this guy play these days.” Gary Fitz does a “what if” on Len Bias, and ties it in with the Celtics homework on Vin Baker.

Eric McHugh writes about Parcells swiping Richie Anderson from under the Patriots noses. Chris Kennedy says the Patriots are now in a tough spot as far as fullbacks go, and provides some other NFL notes. McHugh also looks at the addition of Tyrone Poole.

Theo Epstein appeared on WFAN this morning to talk about his first spring training as GM. He talks about his start and rise in baseball, Lucchino’s war of words with Steinbrenner, rumors of his own temper, concerns among fans about his age, and how he brings out the family’s academy award when he wants to impress a girl. John Tomase has more Red Sox reaction on facing Jose Contreras.

I missed this Dorchester Reporter editorial from last week blasting the Boston sports media for their recent behavior.

A possible sign of the apocalypse? Not quite, be sure to scroll to the bottom after reading the page. (Update – the disclaimer saying the site is a parody and not affiliated with Fred Smerlas has been removed…what’s up with that?)