Another sunrise and Robbie Ftorek is still coach of the Bruins. Was last night’s win just a temporary reprieve, or will the hammer come down anyway? Chris Collins spent the afternoon on the Big Show and his night on NECN Sports Late Night saying that his sources insist that Ftorek is a goner…it’s just a matter of time. The assistants have been lined up, ready to come in. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has the story of the 4-2 win Raleigh. Stephen Harris also reports and repeats that the axe might’ve fallen with a loss last night. I’m shocked there wasn’t a media entourage following the Bruins last night. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook looks at Marty Lapointe possibly finally finding a complimenting line to work with. Rob Zamuner is the focus of Harris’ notebook, which also doesn’t expect any big deals at the trading deadline.

After the Big Show spent almost an entire show talking about Manny not talking, D&C picked up the theme this morning. Hey, at least it isn’t political talk. Bob Hohler looks at the rivalry of the Giambi brothers, the influence of their father, and notes towards the end that Jeremy is perhaps a tad frustrated at the first base/DH logjam the Red Sox have created. Steven Krasner also looks at the sibling rivalry. Gordon Edes has a look at George Steinbrenner, still full of bluster. An interesting read. Howard Bryant looks at the turmoil in the Yankees camp. He notes an internal rivalry (If it was the Red Sox it would be called a rift) between Derek Jeter and Jason Giambi over the personal trainer situation, and some of the other distractions of the camp, he then notes the talent of the club. One mistake, he remarks that “Juan Acevedo saved 43 games last year for Detroit and is a setup man while the Red Sox are going with a closer by committee.” If that were true, it would be impressive. As it is, Acevedo had 28 saves for the Tigers. He’s had 47 in his 7 year career. However, Bryant has covered the Yankees closely the last few years as a beat writer, and if he thinks the chemistry is strained, it’s worth noting. Tony Massarotti reports on a breakfast meeting between Sox management, and Nomar and his agent. Jeff Horrigan and Sean McAdam look at the Sox having little trouble and not being impressed with Jose Contreras. McAdam also covers the same topic for Two paychecks for the work of one. What a deal. David Heuschkel & Don Amore look at yesterday’s sights and sounds from the Yankees/Red Sox matchup. Heuschkel also looks at Shea Hillenbrand fielding questions from Yankees curious as to why the Sox would be shopping him. John Tomase wonders why anyone would prefer Bill Mueller over Hillenbrand. He makes the case for both sides, but in the end, Hillenbrand has the potential for greater improvement. Mike Shalin looks at former Sox farmhand Eric Wedge as he takes the helm of the Indians. Hohler’s notebook leads with the games yesterday as the Sox got to Contreras. Horrigan’s notebook deals with Manny’s silence. The ProJo notebook also leads with Manny and goes into a bunch of other Red Sox and Yankee items.

Nick Cafardo casts a skeptical, sarcastic eye at the Patriots signing of Tyrone Poole. Kevin Mannix reports on the Poole signing and the Patriots losing out on Richie Anderson. Tom Curran notes that Anderson wasn’t the only player to turn down the Patriots yesterday, the Pats lost out on CB Corey Fuller as well. Mike Reiss reports that John Thornton will be visiting today. Michael Parente also weighs in on the Poole signing for the Patriots. Len Pasquarelli seems to think the Pats might’ve gotten a good player in Poole.

Steve Bulpett reports the Celtics are rewording the pact they struck with Vin Baker to arrange for his time away from the team. Heat from the players association motivated this move. Vin seems to be cooperating with the process, his agent, however, told Peter May:

''Dealing with the Celtics,'' Goodwin said, ''is not dealing with true and just people. They don't honor what they say they will honor.''

Looks like things could still get ugly. As for the team itself, Shira Springer says the Celtics have a great shot to improve their standings with a strong finish. In other news, a man was bit by a dog yesterday.

OK, who was it on the tagboard yesterday that said it was about time for a Dan Shaughnessy ramblings column? It’s the usual…shots at the Krafts, Jose Offerman and a plug for Holy Cross. Wait, HC hasn’t won an NCAA tourney game in 50 years? I smell a book coming. He also asks:

O.J. Simpson, Don King, and Ray Lewis all attended the Ruiz-Jones fight. Hmmmm. What do those three have in common?

Umm, you tell me, Dan what do they have in common? (except for the fact, as Mike from Southie point out…they would all be better columnists than Dan) Spell it out for us. You don’t want to go there. Don King was convicted of a killing, by the way, so don’t go that route.. I do score minor points for the CHB with this line:

Next guy who writes about David Wells's book or Toni Smith's protest is condemned to watching a Kevin Costner film festival.

I agree, no more Toni Smith talk, but is Shaughnessy aiming higher on the Herald columnist chart with this one? Wonder if Callahan will angrily respond with a column tomorrow…and just what is it with Boston media members and Kevin Costner films? Peter May has used that line several times. I think others have too. I happen to have liked “No way out”….

Speaking of Toni Smith talk, Jon Couture is a little ticked off by my comments about his column yesterday. About halfway down the page he starts in. Warning: Adult language therein.

BC’s comeback win over Villanova last night earned a “WOW” from Ted Sarandis. Michael Vega says Troy Bell is feeling bulletproof. Lenny Megliola makes the case that this team is winning over fans once again. Michael Gee says it was just another night at the office for the Eagles all time leading scorer. A plethora of one sentence paragraphs in that beaut.

FSNE has Celtics/Knicks at 7:00. ESPN has Wolves/Kings at 9:00. ESPN2 has Blackhawks/Stars at 9:00.