With the Celtics squeaking out a win in Memphis, Greg Dickerson was pretty funny last night on FSNE following the game. He chided those who doubted Celtics rookie JR Bremer, proclaiming that he and Tommy Heinsohn were on the Bremer bandwagon from the start. This self-deprecating humor at his own incorrect stand earlier in the year, saying that Bremer wasn’t going to be anything, was needed and refreshing following a 23 point performance from the first year point guard. As Mike Gorman also pointed out, for all the heat Chris Wallace is deservedly taking for the Baker fiasco, he at least deserves a measure of credit for picking up Bremer, and keeping him over Omar Cook back in the summer league. However, Baker still tips the scales way in the favor of the negative in this equation….Pierce and Walker have bought into the kid as well, in Shira Springer’s game story, they both have praise and high expectations for him. Bremer also features highly in the game account by Mark Murphy as well. As well as Bremer has played at times, he isn’t the long term answer at the point. He’s looking to be a nice combo guard in the league, in the David Wesley mold. A lame recurring joke on FSNE last night, regarded Dennis Johnson taking over the Clippers…how many times can one ask if the Clippers are a real NBA coaching job? Murphy and Springer look at the former Celtic great getting his shot in the big chair. Scott Van Voorhis reports that the Celtics might be looking to increase some ticket prices, while at the same time expanding the number of $10 seats. Springer’s notebook looks at Pierce’s back, Sundov off the IR and a tragic loss for a Grizzlies player. The same topics fill Murphy’s notebook.

The Ftorek watch continues. Dickerson was not so funny when referring to Ftorek’s next job as “you want fries with that?” Steve Buckley wanted to get out on time from the Big Show yesterday, so he could get over to the Fleet Center “in case Robbie Ftorek gets fired.” Buckley was only half joking, but his column today asserts that the teams woes aren’t all the fault of the coach. Another sterling effort from the MOTO. (If you read the Buckley guest column you know what that means) Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Steve Conroy look at another loss for the Bruins. Kevin Paul Dupont ponders if the Bruins are ever going to win again, with the winless streak up to 9 games. Joe Gordon notes that Glen Murray can’t even enjoy another two goal evening. Dupont also devotes an article to the Ice Girls a group the Bruins will be holding auditions for. It’s stressed that these are not cheerleaders. They’re there to serve a purpose, sweep up ice chips, lauch t-shirts. But of course, “When people ask about the outfits – of course, they’re appealing to men,” says one of the Dallas Ice Girls. Mick Colageo looks the plus-minus and a number of other hockey items. Conroy’s notebook looks at the busy night by Jeff Hackett. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook says the players stand behind the coaching staff. (If Ftorek gets canned, see how fast these same guy rip them) Joe McDonald looks ahead to the return Sergei Samsonov, which may be a moot point by then.

With Jose Contreras set to pitch against the Red Sox in a spring training game today, he becomes the focus of multiple articles. Howard Bryant takes a look back at the whole Red Sox/Yankees battle over the Cuban defector. Gordon Edes asserts that the Red Sox were never really under consideration by Contreras. Yankee writer Don Amore says Contreras won’t be bothered by the “jeers of jilted Red Sox fans.” Sean McAdam has a spring in his step even for a spring training matchup with the Yankees. Jeff Horrigan looks at submarining lefty Javiar Lopez, a Rule 5 draftee hoping to stick. Steven Krasner says Jason Varitek may not be an offensive force, but he is an integral part of the Red Sox. David Heuschkel says the third base job is still open, nothing having been decided yet. A contrast to Horrigan’s article yesterday. Bob Hohler looks at Freddy Sanchez, still hoping to be the Sox second baseman of the future. Alex Speier looks at Theo’s first 100 days in office. Tony Massarotti writes about Paul Molitor. Hohler’s notebook looks at Manny’s hot and slient start, along with a Robert Person update. Horrigan’s notebook leads with a look at Adrian Brown’s performance yesterday as well as notes on Person and Pedro. Krasner and McAdam’s notebook leads with darkhorse firstbase candidate Julio Zuleta.

Patriots links as well. Mike Reiss reports that defensive tackle John Thornton of the Tennessee Titans will visit Foxboro tomorrow. Kevin Mannix writes about Marc Edwards, his return very unlikely, and has a couple notes on other visits. Tom Curran looks at the choice facing free agent fullback Richie Anderson, choosing between Carthon/Parcells and Weiss/Belichick. Nick Cafardo looks at the Patriots pursuit of Tyrone Poole as well as Anderson.

Gerry Callahan allows his political views to make an appearance in his column. Usually such rantings are reserved strictly for the radio. Now we have to read Gerry’s thoughts on politics in the sports section as well? For more politics in the sports pages, turn to Jon Couture. As far as actual sports, Jim Donaldson looks at the rise from the ashes of the B.C. Eagles mens basketball team. Christopher Price looks at the input each of the four head coaches in town have into their team’s personnel. Jim Baker and the HBO crew weren’t impressed with Norman Stone during the fight Saturday night.

NESN has Red Sox/Yankees spring training at 1:00 and Bruins/Hurricanes at 7:00. ESPN has Minnesota/Indiana at 7:00 and Florida/Georgia at 9:00.ESPN2 has Syracuse/Notre Dame at 7:00.